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Dubai Police Introduces a Smart App-Let’s Take a Review of Cost & Features

Mobile App Development Company Dubai with exclusive features will build the police app for you!!!

Versatile application improvement being the messenger of developments in the computerized period, assumes the liability to help you discover the responses to questions like:

  • Police Fines and Penalties
  • Police report on the application
  • It helps to report trivial accidents and much more.

Now we are stepping in 2020, and further, the Dubai Mobile App Development has also refreshed to assist its resident’s logging grievances without uncovering their character.

1.Anticipating accidents:

It turns out to be more intuitive as it permits the general population to arrive at police benefits and smooth out it rapidly. It shows a restrictive utilization of anticipating severe mishaps.


Including this element displays it as a wise volunteer stage, empowering clients to create a more helpful and safe encompassing.

  1. Acute camera for smart reporting

The security-focused on the Dubai police’s helpful side by offering novel administrations to individuals with unique needs. Besides, the administration initiates the campaign, or individuals can sign on to the app and obtain the administration by shaking the telephone.

When it gets initiated, the client can tap the intelligent camera button, which will catch the picture. Besides, it will assess the taken photos and give an analysis to them.

  1. Action feeds

“Action Feed” is a “Timetable” to follow every one of your exchanges and errands on the applications. It is of the most extreme significance for the client. It will be simpler to oversee different grievances they have recorded and developed for the offices’ various activities for the concerning objections.

  1. Petty criminal offense and traffic accidents

Minor auto collisions are accountable for using the application, permitting drivers to get the police report for the mishap without the need to call the police or even go to the police headquarters.

  1. Police Perception

The application accompanies a “Police application” include. It has been remembering to help the individuals who are apprehensive about announcing wrongdoing, giving them semi-secrecy (opportunity to uncover their personality) to feel great to report misconduct or offense occurring around them.

  1. Police headquarters MODE

This element permits you to monitor clients’ identification holding up at each police headquarters, including the expected holding uptime. Indeed, even you can give a ticket before arriving at the situation to refrain from remaining in long holding up lines.

  1. Home security

The criminal examination’s overall office has begun a cost-free protection administration for families with your adored one on siestas.

9.Tourist Safe & Stable Ride

The greatest thing about the app is that locals of the UAE are not restricting to it. Foreigners may use the application to file a severe case by initiating reports or finding the closest police office.

10.Road Traffic Update

The service gives you the function to monitor the road situation, report, and complaints along with incidents. Only take a photo of the automobile’s damaged areas, and you’ll get a notification via Email and SMS shortly. Tell the insurance provider you’re free to go, and hey presto.

It’s easy to begin!

The best part is to help address this issue on offending drivers, Dubai Police has added a new feature to its smartphone. The riding drivers can report the car blocking their exit through the “vehicle obstruction” service in the app’s traffic section.

All you should do is enter a picture of the disrupting vehicle with both the number plate, section, and password. The police would then inform the owner via SMS of the illegally parking car.

The Notifications asks everyone to promptly leave their cars and alert them of a recurring crime.

Cost of Development of App:

Well, keep making up your mindset to either go for the design of native apps or the production of cross-platform apps. It is best to go for mobile cross-platform output as a word of wisdom. It enables you to effective customer satisfaction policies and tends to be a boon in the competition range, especially protection.

The app creation would charge you about $15000 at best for all the special functions.

To sum up!

Throughout the End, we believe that this app is smart to get a short response to any disasters.

We will be glad to help you out, starting from development to final product delivery with accurate estimation. Contact us today.

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