E commerce Trends for Web Design

Top 6 E-commerce Trends for Web Design in 2018 You Must Be Aware With

In this growing modern digital world, latest trends, emerging technologies and increasingly diverting customer expectations are the biggest obstacles of e-commerce website design, year after year. There are plenty of ecommerce websites accessible today to purchase. However, consumers are looking for personalized and distinctive shopping experiences, manufactured just for them. People prefer to visit websites that are easy to navigate, highly engaging and keeps them interested throughout the tour. If any website, manages to accomplish these three stages, this creates a positive impact on their prospects for your website. This is a study and statistics for those e-commerce websites that wants to stay ahead of game.

The year 2017 was all about illustrations, design prints, interesting layouts, navigations, micro interactions and conversational interfaces, along with web animations. However, most of these trends will remain in spotlight this year as well, while other ideas will struggle to share the stage as well. In order to stay ahead in this competition, your e-commerce website development and design department or company must be aware with the top latest web design trends in order to enhance their chances to remain on top and become the most-wanted.

Full Screen Forms

The three most essential and crucial elements of web designing modal box, modal and modal window are controlled with script, covered up with a layer of content, leading to an incredible client experience. Modals can be easily found on massive E-commerce business websites and they have known to be a prosperous user interface since its creation. In 2018, the usage of full-screen modals was introduced for newsletter subscription, searching operations, along with signup forms. This trend rises from the mobile-first web designs, as modals catch the most chunk of available screen on mobile devices, mostly.

More Video Content

In the modern growing world, video is the most amazing medium for conveying multiple and complex message and tell stories in interactive way to a large number of audience. The no. of videos among websites and social media platforms are increasing incredibly. Moreover, the no. of internet users watching them are increasing as well. No wonder, why e-commerce sites are increasing the video element in their websites.

Make sure that you pay close attention to video element, as it will be seen quite commonly in 2018, top of trending. You can explain all your product details and information on to your landing page by simply adding up an interesting full-screen video. Here is a tip, Hero videos can work incredibly for your e-commerce homepages, to simply gain the attention of your future targeted customers as well. So, the next time you opt for website development and designing, make sure that you add videos in it to explain your brand story, and grab the attention of your website users until the end.

Grid Layouts

Grids are one of the oldest and one of the most popular forms of design, many companies are still adopting. They are interesting, easy to navigate, clean to utilize the space effectively. These days, plenty of E-commerce websites are familiarizing with this unique website design trend of incorporating grids to adjust into the rest of the layout. It provides designers with more control and space over how an ecommerce website can be carried out, while using the space on different devices and screen sizes. It plays a fundamental role in generating better user interface while increasing the overall e-commerce website design experience.

In addition, in the year 2018, it is quite expected that some e-commerce businesses will adapt the CSS gird layouts soon, especially in their product classification and query items pages. Many web browsers, for instance, Opera, Chrome, Safari and Firefox can support the CSS layouts, nevertheless, all thanks goes to the latest web browsers innovations and technologies.

Micro interactions

However, micro interactions are no new technology, they have been there since Facebook introduced that “Like” button. In the year 2018, it is estimated that more and more ecommerce websites will start to pay close attention to micro interactions and update their websites accordingly. Online retailers or stores will use the micro interactions to reward the users for completing some particular tasks, such as subscribing to an email newsletter, checking out a product, or simply adding it to the shopping cart. This empowers the Micro-interactions to captivate users to interact and engage, helping to simply form the habit loops.

The Cinemographs

Cinemographs are on the highest trending e-commerce web design; many of the businesses are using to show their products in the form of motion graphics. It a mixture of a still image and an animated GIF. It consists of a photograph, or some other image, it can either be a small section of animated image or a super animated picture with many other animated images. It is unique and provides aesthetics, these cinemographs made it very interesting for many businesses including Netflix and Coca Cola started using this, in their marketing campaigns.

Hamburger Menus Style

Since past few span of years, hamburger style menus are increasingly used by many websites. It offers a unique style of hiding and disclosing the menu when the user requires, making it more interesting to navigate for the user, especially on smaller screens, without checking up the available spaces.

Hamburger menu is a three-stacked line, along with the underlying menu whenever a user clicks or places the cursor upon it. It is one of the most convenient, easy and interesting way that can save you a lot of space and money as compared to other complicated designs, whenever displayed within a frame. In 2018, it is predicted that more and more websites will be choosing this Hamburger style menu for their upcoming E-commerce websites or with the existing ones.
Therefore, so this was the list of some top website trends in 2018 for E-commerce websites, you surely need to be aware with. Comment below and tell us, which one did you like the most and planning to use it?

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