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Top Effective Ways to Google Search that Most People are Unaware of!

In this advanced and modern age of technology, that we all live in, finding and searching information about anything is extremely easy. From assignments, to recipes, to general knowledge, to medical symptoms and much more, you can easily browse anything just by typing certain keywords.  However, whenever we type a keyword upon google, we have to pass through tons of information data to get exactly what we are looking for. To eliminate this struggle and to save your precious time, Adweb Studio has compiled the top effective ways, which will enhance your Google Search to find the perfect element you are looking for just in time.

Search through the Synonyms

In English language, almost every word has hundreds of synonyms, thus language is rich in synonyms. It gets extremely convenient and easy when you are searching and browsing for something, online. When you add synonyms to your searches, you somehow increase your chances of making more results and links available to you in lesser searches. For instance, if you are searching about any car that is fuel efficient, you can simply add fuel-efficient ~ cars. This way, you will directly get search results of fuel-efficient cars along with other information about cars that will help you find what you are looking for.

Try Searching within One Website

It often happens that whenever you are browsing or scrolling or you come across a very good and relevant piece of information, all you want to do is instantly share it. Along with this, you also come across some information that you do not understand and you want to re-read it for better understanding. The most convenient way to get that particular piece of information is to search within a website. In order to search within a website, all you have to do is type the name of website and mention the keywords you are looking for. This way, the search engines will display content particularly from that website only, through which your search term is connected.

It is time to choose the Best Answer

At times, when we are searching for something, we just end up typing the terms abruptly and we are not sure what to search for! There are chances that the links, which are popping up, are not what you are looking for etc. However, trust me; this problem is not a big issue. All you have to do is put few variations if you are not sure about the thing you are looking for. You can add synonyms or multiple names to look for it. You can even put “|” symbol between your synonyms or variations and sometimes, instead of the symbol, you can add “Or”. Whatever you choose, always select the answer that is best suited.

Give a try to asterisks

If you are not sure or you cannot recall the name or phrase that is required to complete your relevant search, give a try to asterisks. All you need to do is, simply put the asterisk in place of the word, phrase or sentence you have forgotten and replace that word with an asterisk. When you will do that, the relevant search will instantly appear and there is no need to worry.

The Time Restricted Search

Sometimes we are searching for information from a particular or a specific period. For instance, if you are searching for something from early times or let us say something from the World War, you can simply type the particular date along with three dots … and you will get the information you are looking for.

Search directly for the Correct Title or URL

If you are quite sure with what you are looking for or whether you are a looking for a name or an article. There is an interesting way to find that out, just on point. Just type “Intitle:” before your search term, without any spaces. Same for URL, just type “InURL:” and get the content or information you have been looking for.

Always Remove the Unimportant Search Terms

It is better to remove irrelevant or unimportant terms that might end up confusing your search! To remove such terms, just put a minus “-“symbol before any word that you would like to remove. For instance, we searched for the most affordable and best website designing agency services in UAE and chose to remove – and – best from the entire search query. The results that we got only highlighted the things left in the search engine bar.

Try Finding Similar Sites and Content

Many a times when we are searching for something, we find some pleasing content and we want to share or read similar content. If any such thing ever happens with you, you are advised to look and search for similar websites, through the website you are currently looking at. However, how do you do that? No worries, you can simply type “related:” in the search engine bar and then the address for which you look the similar content for and, again just without space and you will get relevant sites.

Look for the Specific Phrases

In order to find a particular phrase or sentence, all you have to do is, put your basic search term within the quotation marks and the specific search engine is going to give the exact term, mentioned in the quotation marks. Here is a basic example, if you are looking for the best matte lipstick, you can simply type, “best matte lipstick brand in Dubai” and you will receive the exact desired results.

I hope wish and hope that you enjoyed throughout this blog and it was quite helpful for you. From now on, whenever you are searching some information or anything on Google, DO NOT forget the top effective ways of Google Search that most people are unware of! Share this blog on various social media sites and do not forget to press like.

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