How to Enhance your Email Marketing Performance

How to Enhance your Email Marketing Performance

Email marketing is one the best digital marketing tools that a lot of people often neglect. But how can you recognize if your email marketing will get you the results you have been looking for? We have combined the top lessons how you can measure your email marketing efforts by these top ways and make it count every time you hit the ‘send’ button.
There is a study by GetResponse, according to which the average rate of email open rate across every industry in 22% and the every rate of CTR is 3.9%. Open and click rates depend on a wide range of factors, including the industry. According to MailChimp, emails related to arts, government, entertainment and religion have the highest rates and CTRs in entertainment, media, publications, government, photos and videos are the highest. For continuous communication, the highest rates were established in areas of debt, civil / social members and primary and secondary education. The email received the most clicks in the publishing industry.
This is what you can do to improve the performance of your email campaigns.

Optimize the Email for Mobile

More than half of the emails are now opened on mobile phones, so if you are not optimizing your emails according to it, you are already cutting a huge part of your audience.
In order to make sure that your mobile devices subscribers who open your emails, create every email using responsive emails every time, use quite a simple font, reduce the image file sizes, keep the content short and catchy, make the phone numbers clickable and easy to read. Now you before you send the press button for your entire subscriber list, conduct sends on multiple mobile devices to make sure that they look pretty good on mobile devices.

Avoid Spam Filters

Spam filters were officially created to keep people away from receiving the emails they never wanted to receive, however, plenty of legit emails get caught in them as well. There is a study that tells almost 21% of legit emails are often marked as spam and never reach to the inbox.
The best way to avoid emails going into spam is to ask permission before sending emails, make sure you own a clear opt-in form when you collect the emails, and do not send emails to anybody that has not opted in to ask for them.
Do not ever use some misleading or deceptive subject lines, make sure that the content of your email always delivers what you promised in your subject line, and never use a subject that makes it like the email is being sent from a coworker or a friend and refers to some urgency that do not really exist. Always run your emails through a spam filter.

Always use a Double Opt-In for Subscriptions

Many home pages, websites and emails can use a welcome form to subscribe to more subscribers in the email. With a subscription, new email messages are added to the subscription list, which will give you more action, such as when you send the request. In these cases, a line that informs the user will be the email to the subscription list when it is published, in addition to the check box, it can be added from the selection mode, but it is normally selected by default. Although the individual registration process is simpler and faster, you run the risk of adding people to the subscription list who do not understand that they have registered to receive emails, and in this way they can do so. Unsubscribe or even inform unwanted emails. To get rid of the people involved in your email without having to get rid of it, use a subscription to subscribe, asking the participants to declare their email address and decide to participate, and not after an additional click.

Write Compelling Subject Lines

According to a recent study, 35% of email recipients open emails based upon their subject lines. Subject lines must always deliver what the receiver might get after opening that email, it must also give a sense of urgency and mystery.
There is no rocket science or hard and fast rule about the subject line length, other than the words should be five to six words, it is often better for the mobile users, to test whatever works best for the email campaigns.

Clean Up Your Subscriber List a Bit

If you do not receive mail from the list of recipients, you can send emails to inappropriate or inactive addresses or to people who no longer wish to receive it. To avoid severe hits, you can clean email to verify the validity of all addresses and use your list if you use a zero service to eliminate unsubscribed subscribers. To avoid canceling subscriptions, dialing emails or simply ignoring them, send a reminder email to a friend to ask subscribers if they still ask you to contact you.

Create Triggered Campaigns

E-mail messages based on the operator are sent automatically if a specific action is completed. Registering in an email newsletter can open a welcome email and the purchase can send you an email, or the abandoned shopping cart can lead to a follow-up asking you to complete the transaction. Studies show that emails are more profitable and are very effective in increasing conversions and profits.

Get Personal

The thematic sources increase the rate of return by up to 50% and the click rate increases by 58%, so we recommend adding personal greetings to the subject line. These greetings are not common “Hello, [name]”: you can customize them based on the location, date of birth, recent transactions or any information collected by the user.
You can also send an e-mail using the name of a real person as the e-mail address (instead of @ noreply) more personalized, customize, sign your name and your list to share interests and specific preferences of your audience Goal with suggestions and personalized content.

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