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Ever Wondered What Features Reflect a Perfect Mobile App for Real-time Chatting?

Messaging applications play a significant part in everyday life, so the most common players in this niche have a huge amount of customers and huge income as countless monetization approaches are available to attempt. If you’re thinking about creating a chat app like WhatsApp, but don’t know how to build a messaging app, you’ve landed in the correct location.Despite the multitude of messaging applications that already exist, fresh messaging platforms are still attracting consumers. That implies – your concept also has a room. Our changing world requires fresh alternatives, and if it meets their requirements, individuals are willing to move to a fresh messaging platform.

Successful features of messaging apps:

Depending on personal preferences by the users, Dubai Mobile App Development Company makes sure that they fulfill all the requirements of the audience to assure their satisfaction and ultimate loyalty. You’re ready for a new mobile application for real-time chatting. Several features are:

Voice Over Internet Protocol:

Ever heard of this term, it’s VOIP Phone calls. Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is the classification of techniques through the Internet Protocol to offer voice communication and multimedia sessions.

Video Chats:

Allows calls to interact straight with a private touch experience with voice/video without an intermediate association.

Group Calls:

The chat app enables the user to communicate further with other users via Video / Audio to facilitate group discussion.

End-to-End Encryption:

Secure user encryption to secure from infiltration by third parties. Use sophisticated premium encryption techniques to prioritize private data security in users.

Cloud Service Synchronization:

Synchronization of the Cloud Resource Platform to track, update, store and scale the hosting area.

Multimedia Support:

Transfer files of various formats of data such as video, images, gifs, voice notes, animation, documents, contact, and location.

Location Integration:

Enhanced integration of location allows an efficient real-time interaction flow.

Calendar Synchronization:

Calendar sync offers a thorough understanding of the occurrences and activities that will occur where your day is still to be planned.

Multi-platform Chat:

You will be able to engage in cross-platform messaging within your reach while at a desk or on the go.

In-app purchases:

To boost the income stream of your app, choose your correct monetization approach to sell your app on the digital shop.

Support different formats:

If it’s a messaging app, limitations won’t be an advantage. A good idea is to build a chat app where pictures, videos, audio files, PDFs, DOCs, and other documents can be sent.


Thematic bots and super fancy stickers – it should be in your app anything that will make individuals smile. For your clients, sound filters can be a nice toy. People aren’t as severe as they might sound. Satisfy your inner child and achieve popularity quicker in your implementation.

Benefits of building messaging applications for business:

There is also an increasing demand for messaging applications that can be used for company reasons – this is driven by the need to link teams and customers in one chatting room. If you’re wondering how to create a company messaging app to deliver constant earnings, begin with safety.Businesses must opt for Mobile App Developer Dubai for private messaging platforms because they want to safeguard internal communications and provide reliable means to reach their customers.

How to make it popular?

The response is clear–invite more customers to remain, and kindly force them to invite friends. There are two methods of doing this. The first is to determine your target audience and explain the benefits of using your app for these specific individuals. Slack, for instance, has placed itself as an implementation that helps individuals interact in communities.Defines your target audience and offer them something special. Pay sufficient attention to the marketing strategy of the app: starting with pre-launch marketing of the app to App Store Optimization and then continuing to engage and attract users.


In a nutshell, we make sure the messaging app icon is capable of attracting fresh customers. It must be something that says without words, “this is the app that will alter and improve your life.”

Let’s Get in Touch:

You need to consult with experts and develop an ideal design to suit your target audience. Get in touch with us, as a Mobile App Development Company in Dubai, we will make sure to find a reliable solution to all your queries. We are cost-effective and strategically enabled to fulfill the development needs of your company. Reach Us Here

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