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Everything You Need to Know About JavaScript SEO

A new website has just been launched? Farewell to you! It might be your best sales move yet, presenting online customers with your best face and enticing them to buy into your story. But if you’ve used JavaScript for your website, it’s important to remember that by preventing your page, or at least part of it, from being indexed by Google and other search engines, it can thwart your efforts by preventing it from appearing in the search results.

How are your prospects going to visit your website if the search results are nowhere? That’s why you need to make sure you don’t hamper your SEO by using JavaScript.

Web Design Dubai will let you understand what JavaScript is and how it can impact your search rankings before you start asking how to do that. We’re going to share some useful tips and explain how to fix common JavaScript SEO errors.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a major component of modern web pages, while the others are HTML and CSS.

There are two ways in which engineers use JavaScript on web pages— including or inserting references to it in HTML within script tags. The Web Design Doha will help you with JavaScript.

JavaScript asynchronous combines with XML to allow web applications to interact seamlessly with the database without interfering with the browser’s site.

Why it is important?

JavaScript is the means to create powerful, dynamic applications in the true sense of the word. No website will function, however, unless search engine bots are fully accessible.

While JavaScript handles bots well, it is important to ensure that your script does not interfere with search engine crawlers, preventing your pages from being properly indexed. If this occurs, the search results will not include your pages. Also, read How SEO is significant for Web design? 

In all these phases, you need to work with SEO Dubai professionals to make your web applications backed up by JavaScript searchable through Google.

Optimize web pages for search engines:

· Recheck robots.txt and meta robot tags:

Check the robots.txt file and meta robots tag before launching the website to ensure that someone has not inadvertently blocked the bots.

Many sites are using JavaScript to add or alter a meta robots tag to a page. Using JavaScript, you can adjust the meta robots tag to allow web site indexing when content is returned by an API call.

· Use HTTPs status codes:

Bots use HTTP status codes to determine what went wrong during the process of crawling.

Use a valid status code to communicate to bots if you don’t want to crawl or index a certain web page, such as a 401 code for sites that need authentication.

· Code compatibility:

You need to make sure that when writing JavaScript code it is compatible with all hues browsers. Such browsers use many APIs and most, if not all, of the APIs, should be able to hook your software. Identify and address JavaScript issues that may obstruct your search engine indexing or display.

  • Unique Titles: Every page should have a specific title on your blog.
  • Allow clear and succinct page names.
  • Avoid boilerplate titles like ‘ cheap selling products.
  • Evite some keyword stuffing inkling.
  • Use titles to provide your website with some additional information.


  • Lazy Loading Images:

Photos take a toll on your efficiency and bandwidth. A solution to this problem comes in the form of lazy loading, which includes loading images later on and also in a search-friendly way. If you prefer an infinite scrolling experience for your viewers, introduce a system to support paginated loading. It allows users to share with your content and re-engage with it. Use the 

Summing up!

Search engine bots are built to crawl and index web content in the best way, but they fail for many reasons and one of them is JavaScript. The best way to make sure the JavaScript is easily accessible to Google is through meticulous testing. A range of resources is available to assist you in creating a website that loves search engines.

That said, the skills and experience of your SEO Company in Dubai professionals also play a major role.

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