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Expert Solutions to Combat Negative SEO Attack!!!

While most companies today know well that they need to keep black hat strategies at arm’s length, some are still unaware of how harmful it can be when black hat SEO is used against them. This extremely unethical technique called negative SEO can be used by a competitor, hacker or anyone who has basic knowledge of SEO and can be used to kill years of effort.


What is Negative SEO?

  • While a knowledgeable SEO expert can boost a person’s page ranking. 
  • It is equally likely that a malicious-intentioned company could get him to use his knowledge of ranking factors to flag the websites of his target. 
  • For the sake of competition, this is cheating and is particularly illegal and unethical. 
  • It can shut down the operation of a whole company and threaten its cash flow. 
  • You can’t do much to prevent it, but if you’re attacked, there are steps you can take to contain the impact.

Combating Negative SEO:

  • The damaging backlinks must be identified. 
  • With some effort and time, someone who wants to adversely affect your Google ranking and kill the legitimacy of your website would be connecting multiple spammy web pages to your website.
  • If you are in the habit of checking the SERP ranking of your site for specific keywords regularly, you would notice the negative impacts of spam links, but it is better to use an effective backlink checker tool to identify them.

SEO Company in Dubai recommends taking immediate action and demanding their removal once you have been able to identify the spammy backlinks. 

  • If you can understand who is responsible for all of them, it would be wise to approach them directly and tell them to stop disrupting your website immediately. 
  • You may consider creating some social media posts to recognize them and let others know about their malicious intentions.
  • If there are several harmful backlinks, this direct approach would not be possible.
  • In such a case, you might consider using the disavow process from Google and ask Google not to include certain links while indexing and crawling your website. 
  • You may consider using the Spam Report Form reporting those spammy backlinks to Google. 

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Keep constant tracking of your website quality:

  • Maintaining a constant track of the quality of your website may be helpful in eventually saving you both money and time.
  • In identifying negative SEO efforts, proactive monitoring of your website’s quality could be truly effective. 
  • You could consider periodically using the backlink checker software or you could choose a system that would automatically track your website and then give you a comprehensive report on the latest backlinks. 
  • This could be very helpful in finding negative SEO just on time so it can’t hurt the SERP rating on Google on your website.

Another successful recommendation has been made by SEO Dubai

  • You may continue to monitor the speed of your website as small changes to a page may affect its speed. 
  • This, in effect, will influence the Google search ranking of the site. Use one of the many tools to check page velocity.
  • Eventually, setting up feedback from the Google Webmaster Tool must be considered. 
  • However, if someone started using some kind of harmful SEO to damage the website, Google would not necessarily be notifying. 
  • The alerts, however, will allow you to be fully aware of the issues that concern your site.

Ensuring Quality across websites:

  • In terms of quality, perhaps the best way to protect your website is uniformity. 
  • You must keep the website consistent with all of Google’s reliability, design, and technological guidelines, as well as constantly churn out relevant, original content. 
  • The page also has to be mobile-friendly.

Google has a lot of videos and other SEO Services Dubai is showing you how to boost your website and plan to see results.


You must maintain and track your website regularly. This way, even if you’re hit, you can easily control it and reverse the effects without too much damage to its rankings.

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