Factors that Influence User Experience of your Mobile App Design

Factors that Influence User Experience of your Mobile App Design

User experience is no doubt, one of the most essential and crucial element, which directly ends up with either, success or failure for your mobile application design. Many a times, user experience (UX) is combined with the usability of your app, which is yes genuine to a particular level, as usability also helps in building a user experience for your specific user. However, User experience has grown into becoming something much more just to accommodate usability, but there is like a bunch of elements that must be taken into consideration of to deliver some high-quality user experience for all your mobile app users.

Although, there are many things that you must consider in order to give your users an extraordinary mobile application user experience, but we have combined are the most essential factors, which you must combine to create an everlasting user experience for your users, which we have explained in quite detail.

Let us look on all of them.


Okay, so before you finally look out for other factors, the first and the most essential factor that truly tells you about the entire success of your mobile application in the market is usefulness. Everyone looks for something that might make their life easier, interesting, and entertaining or just act a solution to their particular problem. Nobody wants something that is not useful for him or her. If truth were told, your mobile application is going to fail badly if it fails to furnish any use or purpose to the users you are targeting it to. You cannot just justify your application and promote that it is useful if it is not able to fulfill the tasks that the user demanded.

Before you finally launch the application into market, research on the purpose and usefulness of the app you are just about to launch. A detailed competitor analysis, only if you are able to do so, is a great approach that helps you check and catch the useful functions and elements of your app.


Okay, let me clear one thing first, which many people commonly confuse together, usefulness and usability are two different aspects, do not confuse both of them together. Usefulness just simply means the purpose, the main point behind the whole application, while on the other hand, usability means how easily or how conveniently the user fulfilled that purpose. For instance, if the steps in “Clash of Clans” on how to simply, make a Clan are difficult, then this game would not be a massive hit as it is today.


There is famous saying by Randall Terry, “fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” You need to understand that people these days are smart and they are not really fooled, so if you try to fool them with your mobile app for the second time, there is a fear that it might not really happen. In today’s time, the app store is crowded with application that almost serves the similar functions. If you go on serving for one, there is plenty of others available as a substitute just right there.

Credibility does not only mean that the app is able to fulfill the feature for which it was really developed, it means that the mobile app promises to give a long term value to the users in terms of the genuine user information that it furnishes exactly the purpose for which it was designed.


This element originally refers to building user experience, which can be understood by the example of any newspaper. For instance, consider that you have a newspaper, but instead of different sections the news is simply scattered all over the newspaper without any sections for entertainment, books, sports, business etc. Um, sounds scattered, yes. It will get extremely daunting for the readers to find what they are actually looking for. Similarly, that is also the case with mobile applications, if your mobile application is clustered and users cannot easily find what they are looking for due to the complex features, it will not have a very good impression on them. The outcome will be uninstallation or their not coming back to the app.


When it comes to accessibility, the sad part is, not many mobile application users give regard to accessibility, giving it less value whenever it comes to creating a weighty user experience.

The true meaning of accessible means giving an experience of the user that might cover the entire range of abilities. At times, it also covers those people who suffers from any disability. Designs that are created keeping in mind the entire usability factor are always considered less important and not valuable because disable people makes a smaller niche for the overall market. However, if you will keep this factor in mind while developing your next application, it can surely do wonders for you at times and do very well. Oh, yes, along with bringing some more cash. As it was mentioned before as well, people will disability really do not have many choices when it comes to the app market. By doing this, it can surely turn out be a stand out element for your business!


Last but not the least, another most important element is value. Your mobile app MUST deliver value for the best user experience. It must provide value to the developers who made it, to the business that executed it and finally to the users who uses it at the end. Therefore, that value will be checked if your mobile app covers all the above-mentioned features for mobile application and provides an unforgettable user experience to its targeted market.


In a world full of smartphones, a compelling mobile application can seriously do wonders for you, isn’t it? The next time you go on designing a mobile application for your business, makes sure you consider all these Factors! May your mobile application ever remain strong

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