Top Lessons Learned From Failed Link Building Campaigns

Top Lessons Learned From Failed Link Building Campaigns

Okay, so in a world full of digital marketing, each day plenty of new businesses and entrepreneurs are stepping into the market and it is quite hard to be always the best or stay ahead of the game. No business can say that their every marketing campaign was successful, if they say so, trust me they are lying to you.

The digital world and the internet is a maddening place. You can simply not predict or guarantee 100% for any content or campaign. Sometimes we think that we did an average performance, however, it turns out to be a popular hit. In addition, at times we expect some incredible extra-ordinary results but damn, it turns out to be flop. Therefore, that is what digital and internet is all about, you can never be, I repeat, never be sure about anything.

Although, you cannot control the rituals of internet, however, there are certain things you can definitely avoid to enhance your chances of success. After plenty of careful thought, analysis and consideration, we have combined some top elements that can help with high performing content and increase chances of success. Just like that, we have pointed out some factors that do not work out and get us better result.

In the following blogpost, we are about to tell some lessons, which we learned from our failed attempts. Oh and yes, keep in mind that this is only for those who use content to press pickups or earn links that is what most of the content aims to do.

It Is Quite Complex to Build Links with Videos

From marketing point of view, in order to create brand awareness, Video content can be extremely useful. If your video goes viral with enough likes, shares and comment, your brand awareness will boom in no time. However, if you are using videos are link building or earning links, I do not think that is the best idea.

Whenever businesses think about viral content, videos is what comes to the mind, which is probably why you must believe that cool videos must attract a bunch of backlinks as well. The truth is, publishers do not really give a proper regard to videos. Instead of actually posting some videos, all they do is, just put the video directly from YouTube, Dailymotion or paste a link, directing towards them. When you mention something to the content creator, it often happens organically with a static visual content, but that does not really happen with videos.

Do Not Make Content on a Topic You Cannot Be Authentic In

Whenever you produce some pitching content based upon some shopping deal or discounts for the client, the publishers you pitch will not really take it serious until you are quite credible with the content or the thing you wrote.

If anything like that ever happens, you need to stay more aware and contented with any news related to entertainment or irrelevant to the client and does not go well with the publishers as well.

It is fine to create something that is somehow, related to your brand. However, you need to be sure that the connection between the industry, your content topic and your brand is obvious. Do not ever let the companies, the viewers, readers or publishers ever wonder, why are they even writing this?

Always be realistic and quick about news jacking

Any news jacking content or news MUST go viral or aired like in 24 hours or maximum in 48 hours because news jack is really all about the perfect timing. Do you think you can produce something interesting for news jacking?

Although, what we have commonly observed is that, news jacking is a bit more complex is digital marketing or advertising agencies because, you hold an account for production timelines; wait for client’s approvals, feedbacks and much more. In-house brands holds advantage in this regard because they really do not have to worry about long internal approval processes.

Beware with the shiny new tools and content formats.

Okay, let us get this one thing clear here, just because you use some cool, shiny new technologies does not automatically or magically make your content awesome. Cool technology or nice formatting does not always guarantee you with content success, at times it can even turn out pretty boring and that is seriously not, what you want.

Hyperlocal content? It is a big risk.

If you put all your content focus just on one city, even though, you have created some awesome piece of content covering relevant and worthy information, you will just be limited to one city and missing out on so many publishers you can pitch. Then wonder you are out of luck if not even one of those publishers pick up your content.

On the other side, any content that covers multiple regions, cities, states or countries is surely going to get massive hits, as you are targeting a completely big market.

PS This lesson is particularly for the people that creates links as their main goals, we are not saying that you must never create content or a particular locality.

Do not make content for a specific publisher

Whenever you reach out to publishers for collaborations during content creation, predicting they will love it and it is created just according to their specifications, they will for sure go and publish it.

In real, the lesson is that, this strategy does not really work because it tends to be boring for the publishers.

Just remember, all that publishers really care about is getting engagements and views upon their site and not link generations for you or your clients.


Whether it is Search Engine Optimization or any other aspect of Digital marketing, link building is truly essential to increase brand awareness! We make mistakes and we learn from them, right? Here are some top lessons we learned from failed link building attempts! Check them now and share your experiences below. J

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