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Farming App Development: The Future of Smart Farming

The main objective of agricultural apps is to automate agricultural processes. Since most smart farming apps are already available on desktop computers and laptops, the next logical step is to expand them to mobile devices, enabling farmers to use these technologies wherever they are.

Precision farming is the biggest trend in the entire market for smart agriculture. Precision farming involves innovations such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data.


Managing info, flying drones, analyzing diseased crops, building farm maps for precise farming, and communicating with consultants— Mobile App Development Company Dubai makes all of this available to any farmer on the go.

Must-have features:

Let’s see how you can build a farming app and what features you can include making it a useful tool for farmers in your mobile farming project.

1) GPS:

Mapping allows farmers to take advantage of many location-based features, including tracking drone investigations and seeing local weather forecasts. A location-based service can also help divide a field into polygons so that each can be explored independently and add places needing extra attention. Farmers can also find their specialty plants, applicators of pesticides, etc. with maps.

2) Drone integration:

Drones are becoming one of the most important and common innovations in agriculture. A farmer can see where the crops are healthy and weak with drones so that they can adjust exactly where they are needed.

Drone thermal cameras can help detect leakage of water and figure out how much water crops are receiving. Also, drones can spread pesticides from anywhere and deliver samples of soil to a farmer.

3) Chat:

As agricultural technologies become increasingly complex, some farmers need advice when they move to more digital-oriented farming and try new technologies. Social Media Agency Dubai makes the talk famous in the field of mobile apps. Farmers should write their advisors and obtain an immediate response to their questions.

4) Broadcasting:

Also, great features for an advisor app are video streaming and broadcasting. App Development Jeddah enables advisors to answer common questions and enable farmers to participate in live video sessions. Broadcasting also helps farmers share their experience and useful tips, creating within your application a community.

5) Camera and machine vision:

Some agricultural applications focus on visual information and machine learning, enabling farmers to effectively recognize early-stage plant diseases, identify weeds, check nitrogen levels, and assess leaf damage. There are lots of open-source machine vision libraries — help professional developers find a perfect one for themselves.

6) Calendar:

If you are creating a mobile crop management app, a calendar is important. A calendar helps to plan all their activities for farmers. To keep processes neat and organized, a farmer can share a calendar with the workers.

7) Push Notifications:

For any mobile application, push notifications are a must. We help farmers keep track of the various activities to which they need to pay attention, warn of any shifts, emergencies, and new data, and remember the events planned in the calendar.

You can use rich push notifications, like pictures and even maps, if you want to give more information in your reminders.

8) Weather Forecast:

Although technology has made farmers less environmentally dependent, when it comes to growing crops, the weather is still an important factor. The integration of weather forecasting is a useful feature for a farming device. The key here is precise, constantly refreshed information: at least every hour.

9) List agricultural goods:

Some uses are farm products marketplaces such as chemicals, seeds, and machinery. Marketplaces in agriculture put buyers, retailers, and producers together, allowing farmers to find the best deals.

Each listing should have a photo and product description, delivery times, and so on in a marketplace app. Read also How much does car wash app development costs? 

10) Payment Gateway:

It should have a mobile banking feature if your application is a marketplace for farmers. Integrate a payment gateway to make payments quick and easy.

11) List of disease and treatment:

Include a list of crops, possible diseases and ways to treat them if you want your app to be a useful reference for farmers. This useful content can add to a mobile app that focuses on machine vision or the sale of agricultural goods.


Let’s Get in Touch:

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