How to Find the Right Hashtags for Instagram and Increase Your Following Count

How to Find the Right Hashtags for Instagram and Increase Your Following Count

Okay so, after you have invested a huge amount on a nice camera, captured beautiful stills for your business or anything that relates to it, and do all it takes to set up your classy Instagram account and increase the followers count. Though, you might have noticed, whenever you share something or put it on story, it is always the same people liking and commenting on it. You may have heard that hashtags are supposed to increase your reach and connect your company with interested, new followers, but even with them, you are not reaching some good heights, isn’t it? This situation is both frustrating but common, wondering that Instagram should be one of the top places for any type of business to reach any new customers. However, for one reason or another, it is quite tricky to workout which hashtag fits right for your business on Instagram.
Ever wondered, why does that happen?
It usually occurs due to the generic keywords, one-word hashtags that are way too common. Another reason for which is that you can be utilizing hashtags without any target relevance with your industry. The main thing is to relate. Whatever the real case is, the hashtags woes are simply over. But, stay tuned with the blogpost to learn how to find the perfect Hashtags for your business.

How to find the best hashtags for Instagram account

When you say finding the best hashtags, it means finding something more than the words or a sentence of the hashtag itself. The whole process of sharing on Instagram, including the hashtags, revolves around a bit of a strategy in order to receive the best results from each hashtags.

Understanding all the Instagram hashtag limit and how many you should normally use

Instagram casually allows 30 hashtags per post. That might seem less for some and a lot for some even. No matter what, if you use all 30 targeted hashtags, there will be a word about your photo within seconds. At the same time, if your hashtags are not useful and relevant, it is simply a waste of time. And many surveys or studies suggest that you might get even less followers than before or worst, so whatever the case, FOCUS ON HASHTAGS.
The first step is quite easy, all you need to do is sit down and think about some hashtags that somehow relate to your business. Now at this point, you can still think about some shorter, casual hashtags since they can be useful for targeting some more specific market.
Let us just say we are talking about a business that sells items like sleeping bags, outdoor clothing, tents etc.
Can you think of some good words that would relate to this business?
Adventure, Hiking, Travel Diaries, Morning, Roadtrip, Bonfire, Camping, Party, Friends, Outdoor, Late Nights etc.
Here is a rough list of few keywords to get started with your imaginary camp. But remember, these won’t do the game, you need quite more for your business. The main problem is that all of these just came right from my head and there is no evidence if other companies are using it as well or not.
So once you are done with brainstorming your ideas, consider just writing down the names of your competitors account. Visit each account and figure out the words they casually use for their business on Instagram and utilize their products with.

Step 2: View the related recommendations under each of those hashtags

One word or short hashtags like these aren’t ideal for you own social strategy. In short, even all the companies with huge followings do not gain any advantage from generic hashtags like these.
Therefore, whenever you use the short and generic keywords it might show you some more promise. If you type holiday or camping into the search bar in Instagram, camping and holiday will always be the first result. However, the same hashtag also creates a list of all the similar hashtags with the starting word. So, as much as you scroll down, you start you see hashtags like #HolidayLife #Campinglife #Campinghobby etc.

Step 3: Check the photo density of each of these hashtags

Focus on the hashtag that has more density, it might be possible that you put a generic hashtag but its reach is less than some other word, making it far less and less popular.
However, popularity may seem like a good thing on Instagram, which is not the case when we talk about hashtags for businesses on Instagram.

Step 4: Select hashtags for Instagram with some smaller densities

If the label indicates a density of several hundred publications, there is no way to help your company obtain a magnet. However, the public labels that everyone seems to use are the same. Think about it #camping hashtags. We show density in more than 18 million Instagram jobs. If you decide to add this tag to your photo, nobody will see it.
The reason for this is that hashtag complexes have been created for people who were created on Instagram to discover interesting images, new photos, brands and people. On average, the user can write each label they want and see all the images with that label. The only problem is that the hashtag photo collection is organized into two exhibitions: the most important publications (aka, the most popular images at this time) and the latest publications.
Although you can live with great luck in the main publication, you should not trust your business. Recently, the publishing area is where it will grow.

Unfortunately, since millions of photos are marked with #camping, the image does not cover more than a few seconds on the first page. After that, it will become a black hole with millions of other #camping publications.

Here was some of the details about the hashtags, how important they are and how you can choose from some quality hashtags for your business.

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