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Finding a Balance Between SEO & Website Design

There are two major things you need to consider when putting together the website of your client: consumers and search engines. You need a search engine optimized SEO-friendly website to show up in Google when consumers are looking for your products. On the other hand, you want the site to have sufficient content on it to allow Google to effectively rank the site for user search queries.

In this article, SEO Dubai will look at different elements of the website to consider, and some ways between these two goals you can find some common ground.


Website Navigation:

Typically, web developers focus on the overall look, feel, and user experience of the site. Designers and developers will be concerned about the visual elements of a page and how consumers interact with those elements. They often like to keep things as simple as possible, especially as consumers who use mobile devices have long surpassed consumers who use desktop or laptop devices.

SEO marketers, on the other hand, would say that you need to concentrate your navigation efforts on search engine optimization. When you consider large e-commerce sites with hundreds or thousands of products, it becomes even more crucial to navigate the site.

To make the site easy for people to navigate and then to optimize search engines without hindering user experience. A good starting point is to examine what ranks for your keywords on Google’s one page and look at what those sites are doing. Web Design Dubai will help you in this cause.

Additional points for people and search engines to consider when trying to optimize include:

  • Using a hierarchy of content: This organizes the pages of your website by categories and subcategories. If you have more than a dozen items on a site, a subcategory page may be called.


  • Cross-linking of websites: Teams of SEO and marketing produce valuable blog posts, FAQs, and other content that may guide more traffic to product pages and vice versa. Horizontal linking helps customers to browse easily for more information about your products and/or business and also boosts your SEO efforts.


  • No thought is required: Basically, it shouldn’t take much brainpower to access the website. Your website should guide users on where to go.


The functionality of content:

Content includes everything on your website, from the text, animations, and everything in between. All of this content helps inform and engage customers until they purchase through their customer journey. Nevertheless, not all content is created equal in the eyes of Google.

Including every step of the customer experience is a clear way to think about the kind of content that should go on the web. This will help with the document format, as well as letting you know where you need text versus visual content.

Things to consider for content are:

  • Homepage
  • Collection pages
  • Category and Subcategory pages
  • Product pages
  • About Us


Indexable content:

If a search engine can easily crawl a site— easily browse, read, and understand the content on each page of the site — then it is considered an SEO-friendly site, and the likelihood of pages appearing on the results pages of the search engine is much higher.

As this is the easiest way for Google to understand what the page is about, the main content on each page should be in HTML text format.

You should also always check to see if Google can crawl and index your website’s content. A simple way to check whether the website material can be seen is to use the exact text on a certain page to do a quick search in Google.


Product and website images:

Too-large photos could slow down the load time of the page on your site, making Google less likely to favor it in the SERPs.

Usually, they do this because most e-commerce sites resize the photos on the site’s front end to look some way. On the other hand, the SEO team is looking for smaller, condensed images to increase load times further.


The balance between SEO and Website design:

The trick to a well-designed, SEO-friendly website is to bridge the gap between the process of web development and SEO optimization. Working together takes just a coordinated effort and forethought.


Let’s Get in Touch:

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