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Five Reasons Why Your Visitors are Leaving Your Website

If you’ve found that people are leaving your website, you probably think it’s because the page is “not good enough,” but that’s why a response that deals with many variables are over-simplified.


If your website is “not nice enough,” you’ve got to know why. Sadly, as the answer implies, the response will not be as cut and dry.

So take a more statistical approach and begin to measure the progress of your website. You will make the necessary adjustments with the statistics on hand to attract your guests and increase your conversion rates.

In this post, for five possible reasons, Web Design Dubai will help you find why visitors will leave your website.

1. Slow Website:

As a client, the quality of your time. A restaurant that takes too long to place an order can make its clients feel ignored and rejected. As a result, they are forced to look for alternatives in which they can obtain the same kind of food but better service.

With a slow-loading place, this is what visitors experience. We can jump onto another website that includes the same details as yours but loads much quicker, instead of taking their time to wait for the website to load.

Three seconds would seem to be too low a margin of error to make a difference. But with the loading speed of your website, every second count. It takes longer to load completely, even before they see your content, the more visitors you lose.

It would help if you found a way to load your sluggish website fast enough to keep visitors alive.

2. Unappealing web design:

It was a challenge for site owners to strike a balance between function and design. Most of them settle down with a platform that is either too bland or too strong. You can give tourists a smooth user experience by seeking the middle ground between functionality and elegance.

In keeping people involved with your web, appearance plays a role. Providing value no longer means making relevant and actionable content available to them. That’s why you need to take a holistic approach to content creation. Apart from the quality of the content, you need to understand how to show the content.

Since most of the changes in design require technical and creative know-how, you may need the professional assistance of a Web Design Company in Saudi Arabia to make the changes.

3. Non-responsive:

With our mobile devices, we spend more time online. Designing the website to satisfy the mobile user makes sense.

Many pages also use the same style used for mobile viewing on desktops. As a result, it is difficult for mobile users to access the websites because they need to swipe left and right to view various parts of the page.

Users would need to toggle up and down on their screens by making your app mobile-friendly. It makes the user experience much more intuitive and comfortable, enabling visitors to linger and browse the content.

Also, I read 6 Components of Content Marketing Friendly Web Design.

4. Unoptimized content:

It’s cool if you can use thousands of words to pump out messages. Not all readers can read your post word for word; however unless your post is full of meaning.

Yes, even though you’ve published a detailed and relevant content, most will not read it from top to bottom!

People are distracted online easily. If your content is unable to attract and retain your attention, your site will see a high bounce rate whether or not you like it.

5. Visitors don’t know what to do:

If you don’t have a call to action on your pages or you don’t even know the conversion rate, then there’s no wonder why people are leaving your website!

Your CTA should be the reason for the existence of your page first. For your site and its pages, a definite aim allows you to build a better relationship with your readers and audience. You will be able to encourage people to stay on your site and connect more with it by deciding the type of CTA each of your pages requires.


To maximize the effect of your website on users, you need to find ways to improve them. Being conscious of the statistics and following the above guidelines, boost your website systemically and see improvements in your stats

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