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Follow These 14 Modern Rules of Navigation for a Superb UX

Small things make a big difference and multiply these little things to create a bigger output, i.e. business income. Navigating the website is a great example of this. Your navigation’s design and tags can have a huge impact on outcomes. Here’s why –Website navigation impacts traffic and conversions, and website navigation’s new principles are all about making the website easily accessible to the user community. Web Design Riyadh provides great navigation skills on your website.


Web Navigation and Search:

If you’re moving to a new place and you already have a list of places you’d like to see, what you’d do is look up and visit the places on the map. But if you haven’t mentioned the places you’d like to visit, then you’d wander around easily and find places of interest.

The functionality of the search bar needs to be on the website header to make it easy for users to find what they want without having to browse around. Web Design Dubai suggests these rules to be followed for an unforgettable experience.


Ensure proper website navigation for better UX:


1)     Fewer Choices on Header:

Not too many headers will clutter the header. There should be nothing more than seven in the main headings. Within the headings, everything else can be classified.


2)     Different color for anchor test:

A different color should be the anchor text containing the hyperlink. If the user has clicked on it before, the color of the hyperlink will change.


3)     Prioritize Consistency:

On all website pages, the header must stay the same. It is not supposed to change from page to page as this would confuse the user.


4)     Sticky Navigation bar:

What remains is a sticky control line, no matter how much you scroll. It allows users to navigate through the navigation bar whenever they want, without having to scroll to see the navigation bar. With endless scrolling, Lazy Loading can save your day.


5)     Concise:

Long texts hamper user comprehension faster and potentially prolong a user’s decision-making process. Therefore, the navigation bar does not have long texts.


6)     Mega Drop-Down Menus:

The mega drop-down menus show all the current subcategories to the users. When a client hovers or clicks on it, this menu drops down.


7)     Navigation Bar placement:

You want to be innovative and creative. But the Navigation Bar’s location isn’t where you use your imagination and end up positioning it in such a way that users would have to look for it.


8)     SEO-friendly:

To make your website SEO friendly, navigation needs to be succinct. The more concise your website navigation, the more likely it is that the authority of the home page will move on to the internal pages and your website’s rating will increase. SEO Company in Dubai makes your website concise and complete.


9)     Order in Fashionable:

It should be all in order in the navigation menu. Anything that’s up and down is likely to get more coverage compared to what’s in the center. And make sure that the most important thing is either held at the top or the bottom.


10)  Heading Color:

The user’s page color should be highlighted by a different background color from other headings. This will promote the user’s comprehension of the site on which he is.


11) Next step suggestion:

Once they complete a task, ‘ Next Step ‘ should be recommended to the users so that they can think about the next step they should take.


12) Recent History:

They should have access to a recent history of all that the users have seen or browsed through. This will let a user know about the items he has previously browsed, and without unnecessary searching, he can quickly access that site.


13) “Jump to this” section:

A table of information, consisting of the subheadings, should be available on the website. These subheadings should be in a clear context and should be clickable to allow users to simply click on the subheading in the content table to skip to that section on that page.


14) Vertical slide:

The vertical navigation slide-out would be a better option for navigating the website as it may look clean even if the subheadings are long.



Website Navigation is an essential part of your website user experience. These tips will ensure an experience that your users will never forget.


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