For a Mobile App Concept, How to Get Funding & Raise Capital?

You might have had a creative smartphone app or web service model as a startup company or even an existing company, but you may be lacking in the resources required for its development. In most cases, you might be looking at an investment of tens of thousands of dollars or more to develop your app’s initial version.

Business people do not have the resources to finance such a project, but how will you create a product that serves a real need, impacts the environment significantly, and will make you rich?

We’ll cover bootstrapping, planning to pitch your concept, pitching your idea, and helping your awareness game with other tools.

Where and how to find capital easily Probable, Investors?

For your smartphone app project, here are among the most likely and widely used ways you can raise capital:

Mates, Colleagues, and Families

Your employers, families, acquaintances, friends of friends, company members, and business contacts may be the possible investors around you. Your first line of funding will be people you meet and admire and who admire you. You will confidently clarify your premise, get their truthful input, and learn to hone your pitching ability. It’s crucial to have the proposal pitched as seriously to them as you would to something you don’t know. People who know you have a prejudice against you already, so you can come to all other gatherings that display a more sensitive side that is well organized, moderate, and averse to risk. Ideally, to take the Mobile App Development Dubai individual through your concept, you create a Powerpoint slide.

Remember that your partnership with them will bring a new layer to securing money from such outlets. Money makes everything change. You already have a better chance of success if the product is reliable, you have a strategy to market and sell the work, and you have some factual data to back it up. You would want your business strategy and presentation to be as professional and well thought out as practicable, whether you pitch your proposal to them or outside the capital.

Of course, explain the future upsides to friends and relatives, how they will profit, and how the investment is worth the cost, but still let them know that the investing does not come without any uncertainties. In other cases, this will inspire them to continue to contribute to your growth beyond only providing money.


Another common way to get cash easily is by debt such as bonds, mortgage loans, lines of new credit cards to finance your idea. I will argue that most (including us) prosperous entrepreneurs began using some form of debt instrument, such as a credit card. Try to secure credit cards that have an introductory period of no interest of 6 to 18 months. You would need to build a detailed business strategy, with estimated sales, timelines, market analysis, and the like, to secure a short-term business loan. When you are a startup with no record behind you, it can be hard to achieve.

It would help if you used debt strategically to get off the launch pad and get the ball rolling while you are a small enterprise. Using debt in a minimal manner, such as creating a prototype, a marketing plan, application mockups, or a brand strategy meeting, maybe a wise decision. These products will help you build some funds that will make it possible for you to collect more cash from external buyers.

Contests for mobile app development applications / Incubators

As a businessman, you might find seed investors or others running technology competitions or technology incubators where even the best ideas receive the funding they need to finance mobile app growth. These competitions and strategies are being used by organizations such as Y Combinator to review and finance innovations for applications. Your software needs to be extremely strong, with significant return upsides, to attract this kind of revenue, and you would compete for funding with probably 100 different other software businesses.

Under Pledge and Deliver Over

Defining the vital goals you can reach after getting the cash until you start making money if you want some shot of getting more funding, always under pledge, and overproduce. Set deadlines, allow yourself plenty of time, and then do everything to achieve them. You will win the investor’s respect and credibility.

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