Top Free Digital Marketing Tools to Strengthen your Digital Marketing Skills

Top Free Digital Marketing Tools to Strengthen your Digital Marketing Skills

In our modern world and practices, everything we see is gradually becoming digital. Thus, we are living in a digital age, which is free from limitations and is ever evolving. Digital marketing is a field, which is directly or indirectly, always dependent on certain digital marketing tools, which helps you to achieve those digital marketing goals.

As more and more entrepreneurs are stepping in market each day, the competition is increasing. However, as every business and business owner wants to stay ahead of game and want to be the best. For this purpose, you must be having some digital marketing tools that could assist you in achieving those goals.

We have compiled a list of some top digital marketing tools that will help you achieve your goals, make sure you excel in them during your business career.

Google Keyword Planner

Okay, so let me put it this way, Google Keyword Planner is a blessing for any Digital marketer or Content marketer. If you are a Blogger, Content Writer or Search Engine Optimizer and want to search the estimated monthly searches for a specific keyword, or if you are writing a blog and want to look up the most populous keyword to use, you can simply use the Google Keyword Planner at the ultimate rescue and savage plan!

Through Google Keyword Planner, you will gain knowledge about the keyword group idea, as well as for keyword searches. After that, you can even tweak the keyword if you find any other of it with more number of searches and rankings.


Okay, so, when it comes to the speed of your website, Google is damn serious about it. In fact, it is one of the most essential Search Engine Optimization factors, you must always consider while preparing the SEO strategy.

Gradually, if you want to be updated your website’s downtime, uptime and performance, trust me, Pingdom tool is the best possible and available testing tool in the market. All you need to do is enter your website’s address and you are good to go. It will provide you with all the details about plugins, CSS, social sharing buttons and much more other stuffs.
Lastly, the best part about this tool is that you can easily test your website’s speed from multiple locations across the globe. This features is going to help you server your users in a much better way.


Hootsuite is one of the most interesting social media management tool that allows you to manage plenty of social media platforms right from one place. Trust me, life was never this easy, you do not have to login from different social media accounts and check the daily news feeds.

On the other hand, you can also plan and schedule your content and post in advance on Hootsuite, if you want to post that at a particular time in future. Once you have scheduled it, you can completely leave it on Hootsuite to post the content itself by analyzing the most suitable time.


As mentioned above, we are living in a world full of competition. In order to be ahead of game, it is important to consider your competitors strategies and plans. If you want to research about the ranking for your competitor’s website domestic or internationally. Although there are plenty of other analytical metrics but Alexa is the best one to start with. Although, Alexa is an company, this site offers you with both freepium and premium stuff.

Adding up more, in freemium stuff you can, you can view the analytics including engagement metrics that will acknowledge you regarding the bounce rate, conversion rate and page views on your site.  You can even get information about the traffic metrics, including traffic share and percentage of visitors from demographic information and other top countries. On the other hand, Alexa also offers a toolbar, which allows you to install and check the ranking information of any website just through one click. You can easily get the information about the website ranking, backlinks and past look of any website.


Unbelievably, people judge your writing style and writing ability through the standards of grammar you have. The flawless and free from errors content you have, the more captivating it will be for the readers. The more well-written and engaging content, the more chances that your content will be read several times and people will like, share and comment upon it.
Grammarly is one of the best online grammar and spelling checker tool that checks, proofreads and edit your content if there are any mistakes. It is the perfect solution for all your letter needs.

Moreover, the basic version of Grammarly is free and you can even add its extensions in Chrome and Safari tabs in order to be updated on your writing, whenever you write something, anywhere. Whether you are typing an email, or updating a social media status, it will notify and guide you regarding the mistake there and then only.


If you are blogger, creative writer or content writer then you must know how to play with words. Nevertheless, when it comes to the designing of the blog, you are not so good at it.

However, why worry even for a second when Canva got you covered. Canva is a FREE online graphic designing tool. This amazing tool will help you to create creative and beautiful images and multiple templates for all your blogging needs and to fulfill your creative appetite. You can easily design social media posts, blog graphics, infographics, banner ads, power point presentations, cover photos, customized graphics and a lot more. You can easily design all of these and give it a complete professional look like none other. So even after writing some dope content, its graphics you are worried about, just let it go.

These were the top few amazing digital marketing tools you need to excel at to accomplish your digital marketing goals.

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