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Fundamentals of Emotional Web Design in 6 Steps

On Google Analytics, you’ve seen those metrics or whatever tracking application you’re using–the metrics of visitors returning. This makes you wonder from time to time what makes visitors come back to your website. We certainly don’t know you personally, but they must have been motivated or influenced by something to visit your website over and over again.


It is the website’s complicated emotional appeal that keeps your clients attached to it. Colour, font, CTA buttons, photos, body copy, and so on create an atmosphere that attracts visitors. The idea of emotional web design eventually resulted in this emotional appeal and the intimate connection between the website and the audience. Web Design Company in Saudi Arabia gives these 6 steps to follow a create a perfect scenario.


Trust on Human Nature:

Everybody enjoys looking at a beautiful face, are we? Think this way–if you choose between Voldemort and Harry Potter, what picture would you want to have on your website to persuade your customers? 

If you have a unique sense of humor, you’re going to go to the Voldemort picture just to terrorize the visitors into submission or to accurately buy your products. Therefore, using photos of models, sports stars to catch the audience’s attention and gain their trust is a common thing. Many designers put their faith in innocent eyes. It is quite popular for web designers to use children’s images to gain the public’s trust.


Know your Audience:

How will you relate to your target audience on earth if you don’t know who they are? Understanding your audience does not end up collecting data about your age, race, state, occupation, etc. You’ll have to go beyond that when you try to connect with people on an emotional level. If you sell a service, it should be made abundantly clear on your website that you clearly understand the problem of your potential customers and that you have the right solution. 

You will be able to understand their problem once you know your audience well, and this will help you connect with them. Take advantage of these vital clues about your audience by incorporating them into your website’s design process.


Use Humor:

By introducing some elements of fun to your website, the best way to make people notice your website and link them to your product. Half of the fight is won if you can make your target audience giggle. An imaginative tactic to keep people hooked even when the page is not running properly on its website. The above funny picture has been used to inspire people to stick around while loading the website. Because the message is a bit funny, most people wouldn’t mind waiting for a few more seconds to see that page.


Use Great images to connect:

You need to use the right image if you want to communicate with your target audience. There’s no room for this. Many people want to feel they’re in charge when they’re visiting a website, so it would be good if you could use pictures on your website judiciously. It looks sweet, beautiful and elegant. 

The most important thing about this photo is that it evokes feelings and not all people think the same about it. Instead of using bright, colorful and inspiring images to make people fall in love with your website, choose dark and dark images.


Pay Attention to tiny details:

If your website is in shambles, just knowing your audience won’t help you a lot. If visitors have to struggle to find the Contact Us page, or if the website is bound to be loaded forever, nothing can save your website from falling out of visitors ‘ grace. Dubai Website Design Company makes sure that the design is simple and clean. 

White space should be sufficient to allow people to focus on the website’s core areas and take the desired actions. The model should have room for ventilation, but that doesn’t mean you can make it look dull. 


Balance Colors:

Color is one of the many aspects of design that directly affect the viewer. A slight change in the combination of color or even a subtle change in hue and saturation may bring about a drastic change in people’s perception.


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