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Fundamentals of Web Application Architecture in 2019

Through a series of interactions between different components of the software, user interfaces, middleware systems, servers, servers, and clients, the average internet user gets to see a single site on their device.

Web Application Architecture is the framework that binds this relationship and interaction together. In a nutshell, process flow typically includes user browsing for a URL, after which a search is triggered by the browser.

Web Application Architecture, to put it quite simply, includes different components and external applications. The transition to gradually improving applications has resulted in transformed capabilities in systems of frontend and backend.

With mobile becoming the primary search tool, it is necessary to develop and design Web apps that meet requirements across all platforms. A Mobile App Development Saudi Arabia will help you in achieving the goals.


Three types of web application architecture:


· Single Page Application:

It’s the time of minimalism, where the success of a single-page web app. The applications that are most sought after include only the necessary design elements.

This offers a greater interactive user experience, enabling a more dynamic interaction between the single-page web app and the user.


· Micro-services:

Implementing a single and specific functionality through the Microservices Architecture Framework allows developers to deploy applications more quickly and more efficiently.

Since different components are built in various coding languages, a choice of software is more versatile.


· Serverless Architecture:

It allows applications to run on third-party infrastructure-related tasks without comparison, where developers do not have to handle backend servers.


Web application architecture components:

Web Application Architectures includes different components that are divided into two component categories – user interface app components and structural components.


· User Interface app:

This is a web page reference that has a role to play in display, settings, and configurations.

It is related to the interface rather than the development and therefore deals with display dashboards, configuration settings, notifications, and logs, etc.


· Structural Components:

A web application’s structural components essentially relate to the functionality of the web application with which a user interacts, the control and the processing of the database.

In other words, as the name suggests, it has more to do with the architecture’s structural aspects. This includes 

  • the web browser or client, 
  • the server of the web application and
  • the server of the database.


Web app architecture is important for future growth:

The reason why good web application architecture is imperative is that it is the blueprint that can come from increased demand, future interoperability and increased reliability requirements to support future growth. The organizational design of the web application architecture defines precisely how an application will work through object-oriented programming. Some of the apps are:

  • Delivery of persistent data via HTTP, which can be understood by client-side code and vice versa. 
  • Make sure that requests contain valid data. 
  • It offers user authentication.
  • Limits what users can see based on permissions.


Best Practices for Good Web app architecture:

You may have an app that works, but you also need good web architecture. Here are several characteristics necessary for good web application architecture: 

  • Solves problems consistently and uniformly. 
  • It is as simple as possible. 
  • Supports the latest standards include A / B testing and analytics. 
  • It offers fast response times. 
  • Using security standards to reduce the chance of malicious penetration.
  • It does not crash.
  • Heals itself.
  • It does not have a single point of failure.
  • Scales out easily.
  • Sort Out errors.
  • Automated deployments.
  • Creation of data easily. 

The reason why the above factors are needed is that you can build a better app with the right attributes. Not to mention, software deployment is much more efficient, user-friendly and reliable by supporting horizontal and vertical growth. While the design of web applications is important, don’t forget to check out our Web Design Dubai archives for more tips and resources to build better applications from planning to post-production.



Creating the software business is a good ground as web applications have access to the wider audience irrespective of the computer the customers are using. This article described the main information about web app architecture. We hope the above information will help you apply the best practices to meet your needs and achieve the goal of high customer satisfaction rates and system maintenance.


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