The Future of Mobile Apps Is Here: Top Mobile App Development Trends to Watch in 2018

In few last span of years, the business owners and entrepreneurs realized that developing a mobile app for your business and its services is now economical and not a luxury anymore. Undoubtedly, 2017 proved to be an incredible year for mobile development in multiple sectors and companies have now realized that the investment in mobile application development is not a choice or preference, but a necessity, which is required for further business growth.
Since we are living in a world of smartphones, developing mobile applications is a great way increase sales, meet customers’ demands, and fulfill their requirements. On the other hand, the amount of free apps downloaded in 2018 will rise to more than 254 billion, along with becoming the most actively and vastly growing sectors in the industry.If you are looking to survive and boost up your sales in 2018’s market, trust us, it is mobile application your business needs right now, as it has become an obligatory tool for marketing in today’s digital world. 2018 is going to be more exciting as the mobile development market will grow like never before. As a business entrepreneur, if you want to make your successful by focusing upon mobile applications, here is the future of mobile application, the top mobile development trends to must be watching out!

VR and AR Apps

Last year, we all observed that the VR and AR application trends reached higher horizons of entertainment and marked their impact on many other industries as well. Now in 2018, the world will experience an extreme rise in VR and AR technology apps. The VR and AR mobile applications are about to make a plop like never before, along with making its way to older apps in 2018. Businesses are looking to make a difference in the market by delivering the VR and AR apps to the customers, which will enable to user to actually feel the product before they finally purchase it.

The Rise of Instant Apps

Here comes the modern world of instant apps, Instant apps are now the new and one of the most popular trend as it eliminates the need to install or download the app before you start using them. In a world full of apps, Google surely never fails to impress and it is on lead with its top Android Instant applications that will allow you to access the application from absolutely anywhere before you finally install them. There are multiple benefits of instant apps, for e.g. they are more easy and convenient to use and they save a lot of internal and SD memory on your smartphone device, but, along with a providing a much smoother and exciting experience. It is just like any other experience you would expect from any native app.

Did you know that Android Instant Apps are proportional to native apps that function like any website? Well, that is surely the case. Nevertheless, the best part is, they are well matched with even the previous version of Android operating system as well. So well, if you are watching out for the new mobile application trends in 2018, let us be not surprised when different mobile operating systems pops with an Instant Application in 2018 with a bang!

The Enterprise Apps and BYOD

Although privacy and security concerns are one of the major concerns for mobile applications and mobile devices, still, the generations will continue to experience and see the fame of BYOD concept. Did you know that, in fact, 72% of organizations are now already investing their capital in BYOD, through some capacity? We all observed that, 2017 proved to be a gigantic year for BYOD devices and 2018 will no doubt be another. The hybrid enterprise app development is known to go stereotype this year as it eradicates the cost of mobile app development, enhances the cost effectiveness and speeds up the entire process.

The Lazy Loading

Have you ever came across with an article that loaded way too quickly or literally failed to load because of the superior quality images that were used in it? Many times, right? However, did you know that fortunately, the user experience and mobile application experts have just treated us with a savage method, which is known as the “Lazy Loading”? In lazy loading, the images are going to load only when the user will scroll down the page. This increases the conversion rate and decreases the bounce rate. Development of this lazy loading method into your mobile application development will surely increase the user experience; most of the mobile app developers are going to use this strategy in 2018.

The Accelerated Mobile Page

When google first launched the mobile-first index, it made its intentions quite clear and they did not however, stop there. Google then joined hands with Twitter to create Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), a concise version of HTML geared towards increasing the speed of mobile pages. Ever since this AMP method has launched, it has reached a boom in the mobile app development industry as the new web developers and mobile app developers are coming up. There will be faster load times, fluid user experience, lower bounce rates and a lot more! Google has already reached to higher horizons and as it already integrated this incredible and mind blowing technology with its extended mobile search.

These were the top mobile application trends of 2018 to need to watch out this year! Happy mobile application developing x

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