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How Can You Get Verify On Instagram And Enhance Your Sales For Business?

Do you remember the good old days when you received that broad smile and love from your mum on completing your glass of milk? On the other hand, the time when you teacher praised you for getting the highest marks? Alternatively, the time when your boss valued your idea in a meeting in front of everyone? You remember them, right. You remember all the good old days.

We, humans, owns this habit of seeking approval and validation from others even upon small things. For all the social media marketers, social media platform verification is same as approval. Most of the social media platforms have introduced celebrity and brands verifications, which makes these accounts more popular than usual among the population – that includes Instagram as well, the fastest growing social media platform.

How to get verification on Instagram?

Instagram is now one of fastest growing social media platforms, with massive amount of active users. Instagram is heavily interested in celebrities, big brands and other influencers who are using Instagram and it loves handing out verification sashes and badges to renowned people who are doing it. On the other hand, getting verification upon Instagram is not so easy; you need to perform multiple things before you can finally apply for the verification badge by Instagram. We have compiled the few for you.

Time to Gain a Heavy Stock of Followers

Getting a huge amount of followers is surely the most basic requirement for getting verification from Instagram. However, accounts with a few thousand followers now have also attained verification. However, having a huge amount of followers’ ends up increasing your chance of being verified. Having a number of followers highlights the fact that you have gained a strong presence on Instagram.

Take amazing photos and use exceptional themes for your news feed, Instagram is all about eye-catching posts and aesthetics. The influencers and bloggers usually gain followers by postings photos that are vibrant, lively and pleasing.

Try to take advantage from your Instagram insights. Profile insights are one of the best features of Instagram that most people are oblivious too. If you own an account that holds a business profile, you may utilize the insights to post pictures, which might be relatable to your potential user.

Although while focusing upon the theme and colors, do not lose the stream of quality and valuable content. Postings pictures, which means nothing to you, neither to your brand, will probably not do anything great for you. Keep searching for hashtags and stuff that are top trending and post things according to them, in order to be noticeable.

Take out some time for your followers and spend it with them, to get more engagement. Develop a habit of replying to each comment individually, even if they are just general emoticons or thank you notes. Create a poll, announce a live video, ask interesting questions, and get feedback and a lot more. Simply just making efforts to gain followers is just not enough. Once you have gained the followers, the story begins after that. There is no point of meaningful relationships if they are not bound to last long. These few things will surely get Instagram to furnish you with the verification badge without any hesitation or hitch.

Develop a Strong Social Media Presence on Instagram

Despite only having around 4000 followers, Jane Lee got verification from Instagram because of the strong presence she had on her YouTube channel. Therefore, here is a thing, if you have a strong social presence on any other social media platform, you might gain a verification upon Instagram through that as well.

However, there is no proper guarantee that if you hold verification on Facebook, you will get it on Instagram as well. However, well, it do determines the factor.

Google yourself up. What do you see?

The management of Instagram and some real people review thousands of accounts each day for verification. This whole process is confidential, but they daily look up and check out people who are getting popularity among social media networks.

For instance, if there are many posts about you on social media or your brand and your brand becomes the spotlight in no time, without violating any of the community guidelines laid down by Instagram.

To enhance your chances of getting verification from Instagram, you need to build a strong social presence over digital media. Also, do not forget the magic of guest posting and share your daily life routines.

Complete your Profile

In order to attain verification, it is essential to utilize your original identity or the genuine name of your company. Complete all the information that is present in your profile, including your company has or profile websites links.

Try to link your Instagram account to other social media platform including Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. This helps the user to trust your profile and make them believe that you are authentic and reliable.

How to Ask Instagram for Verification?

Instagram has given a specific phone number and email by which you can contact the authorities at Instagram for verification. You can simply get in touch with a support staff and ask them for it, if your request is genuine.

If you have spent a good amount of money upon Facebook and Instagram Ads, you may get a quick chance of speaking to multiple team members and they can help you in getting more recognition.

In the end, getting a verified tag upon any Social Media Channel is all about bragging about your brand and simply selling yourself. Although, you should get a hold of the right person to carry forward your request and convince them that you are genuine, worthy and great enough to get the verification by that blue badge.

Making the effort in order to get the badge is seriously worth it. So well, you should be even considering this thought! Go on and get it!

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