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Exceptional Ways of Getting your Creative Design Work Noticed

Design is always a piece of artwork and, which requires plenty of creativity and determination. If you have an artistic mind and you are wondering something, no matter what the thought is, you always end up producing something creative out of it. Especially when it comes to designing, there are no boundaries to your artwork and you put your entire effort and energy into it to do something extra ordinary.

However, did it ever happen that you created something beautiful and unconventional but it goes unnoticed? It could be due to the lack of publicity you did or due to some other issues, whatsoever the case is, it happens. If your design is exceptional enough then it surely deserves some notice and recognition! Rather than using the same old traditional ways, let us look at some interesting ways to get your design work noticed, here are some top effective ways.

Showcase your Work in Print

Web design is purely about the digital look; however, there is something always elegant and catchy about skimming a portfolio of work on brochure or high-quality paper. Thanks to the madly growing digital devices and in the modern world, the print industry is completely vanishing.

I am sure plenty of your competitors must have overlook print medium, as an ineffective tool. However, no matter what it does attract clients and it gives you another reason to start using it.

The idea of being noticed is to do unique something different from your competitor. You need to highlight your work in a sense, which no one is doing, and print is surely an incredible way of doing that. This is exactly the reason why popular brands have huge budgets kept aside for print brochures, flyers, banners and other promotional material, it is a unique way to get notice and to display your design work.

Here is a thing, if you are a web designer, compile the best of your work and display it on portfolio. If you have never worked before through a print, do not be afraid, it is something entirely different from digital, try doing it and see the magic!

Create Unique Infographics

Infographics are one of most interesting and catchy means of promotion. It allows you to display plenty of content, along with visuals. Now you get why they called as “Info” graphics. It means that, there needs to be a graphic, which displays information. Before you start designing a infographic, as it requires a bit of more struggle, clear your intentions on what are you going to display and how will you communicate that information. Make something which people must be interested in and might want to like, share and comment.

Once you have completely designed your infographics, upload it upon your website and then brag about it wherever.

Approach the Popular Social Media Figure

Social media is something massive. However, in comparison to other methods and platforms, social media is still not that much touched or connected with marketing and promotion. After Facebook, Instagram gained HUGE popularity in terms of marketing, it has an incredible reach and open new ways, but effective ones to make sure that you work goes noticed.

Another proven way is to approach the popular social media figures, call for a PR collaborations, offer them your services and their promotion free and ask them for a Shout out!

Now it does not mean that you end up messaging Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jenner, you would not get so far with that. However, there are plenty ‘non-celebrity’ Instagrammers with millions of followers whom you can easily approach and BAM!

Many people are making enough money these days just with their social media accounts and soon will get a chance of maintaining a proper website or some other platform through which they can increase their social presence and thus, enhance their revenue as well.

Pop Up at the Trade Shows

Trade shows are entirely full with businesses looking for your services. If you can find some shows, which are specific to your slot, that place is a much go and the perfect way to make your business go noticed.

However, specific trade shows other industries as well, which is also an incredible way to get people notice your quality work, especially if they are your niche or business related.

Now, if you get the chance to go, you do NOT have to spend thousands for step and repeat banners, x stand banners etc. Simply order some nice, decent and elegant business cards and you are good to go, start networking!

Look for businesses with stands that might want to utilize what you are offering, simply approach them and be vocal on how you can be a great asset and beneficial for their business. Plenty of such people at these trade shows will have a business obviously, or must be hoping to start one, so they might be the golden chance, so DO NOT miss such contacts.

However, it may happen they might not want to use your services straight away, but if you own a small little leave behind with your name and logo on them, it is plausible that they might talk to you or contact you in future. Oh and DO NOT forget to show interest in their business and services as well, on a whole.

It is Giveaway Time!

Well, almost everyone loves FREE stuff!  Giving away some useful and worthy stuff free is another incredible way to get people looking and notice your work. Take advantage of some websites to make your stuff freely available for others to check. Again, make sure that you mention your work link below the stuff, because that is what the purpose is! However, DO NOT put it in such a way or start selling your business so people might notice that you are doing it to grab attention deliberately.

So go for it and TO BE noticed now!

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