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Google Latest Means You Need to be Mobile-Friendly

The indexing of the website is set to change again. The change will seem to benefit users and businesses ready for mobile close-ups. The new Google algorithm will make “desktop friendliness” even more important to businesses. Google also provides a comprehensive tool to help companies decide to locate a Mobile App Development Jeddah company that is mobile-friendly.


If you’re concerned about how your page is doing on mobile, there are a few choices to consider:–


Most companies are likely to wait and see what’s going to happen to the latest updates until they act. However, considering that 2/3 of the world’s adults own a smartphone, it’s a risk, and the time is long overdue to make your company mobile-friendly.

· Redesign your site:

You should restart and update your website, ensuring that your app is running efficiently on smartphones, tablets and any other new technology that will arise in the coming years.

· Build a Mobile Alternative:

Consider an internet company or advertising firm’s software or mobile website. Many platforms will create great native apps or mobile sites that will enjoy your users.

Most companies are going to take one of the other two options, simply because it makes sense. The world is mobile; don’t get left in the dark.

Keep in mind that websites that react to them will be rewarded with the higher placement of search results and business-specific apps with Google’s recent announcement. So if you’re sitting for a while on your haunches, things may become more competitive. Mobile web design is no longer something you can look forward to in the future, but something you desperately want your company to be competitive now.

If your business is on a budget, you may worry about creating a friendly mobile site from the ground up. However, several design teams can create a fantastic, functional mobile-friendly website and/or app with mobile content, videos, headlines and so on for an affordable price.

Smartphones are changing our way of thinking and doing something. Nearly everybody is tied to a smartphone or tablet and we use it for everyday functions of all kinds. Without being designed for phones, companies simply can’t go any longer. If you’re not, you’re going to be left behind. This fact has only been highlighted by Google.

Benefits of the mobile-friendly website:

1. Improved user experience:

We’ve all been there, a friend sends us a connection via text message or email, and when we try to open the link on our mobile device, a jumbled load of unorganized garbage will be provided. This will kill any chance that you will be able to convert the visitor to a customer. If the user is unable to browse and read the content from their mobile device on your website quickly, they will not be encouraged.

2. Increased average time-on-site:

It’s about time, as with all that exists online. You have limited time to capture the attention of a website user. This is even more so with mobile devices because while out and about on the go, users access your website. If a visitor can quickly access your pages and the content is mobile-friendly written, you can increase the chance to turn visitors to customers.

3. Faster website load speed:

Speed is important because time is limited, as described above. A typical website that is not designed for mobile devices will make very slowly on your mobile device or may not load at all in worst-case scenarios. A ready-to-use mobile website can load easily as the software is designed to be compatible with mobile devices. Studies show that if they have to wait longer than 6-10 seconds, mobile website users would leave a page to prove the point. Also, read From Basic web to complete Mobile Solution.

4. Improved mobile SEO:

If we want that to be the case or not, we are all slaves to Google when it comes to search engine optimization. We’re doing it if Google wants it. When Google recommends it, we usually do it, whether it’s link building or more content marketing.

Mobile App Development Dubai advises to create their pages as responsive, according to Google, but if that is not an option, they prefer to make the company a separate HTML website to support mobile users. This will make the app more likely to perform well in the results of Google’s mobile search.

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