Google My Business Top Powerful Tips to Stay Ahead of the Competition

Google My Business: Top Powerful Tips to Stay Ahead of the Competition

The local search results have become a bandwagon, since a past few span of years in the world of digital marketing. As a matter of fact, whenever you type local search at your search bar, it would generate millions of results, so very few people might be interested in that, yeah right.
As a company, we work with plenty of local businesses on enhancing their SEO tactics and keywords research, it is essential to understand why the Local SEO has become so important now – the simple answer is, people want to be discovered! Without their customers not much digging. The ways to be ahead of SEO can be overwhelming, but in order to start with the easiest way out, you may start by Google My Business.
Although, we have talked about local search optimization before, if you are searching for ways on how to start a Google my Business account, apply citations and local Scheme markups, go and check out all our SEO blogs firstly.
Here are some top SEO Tips you surely would love to check and implement!

Tip#1: Be Quite Clear with Your Listing Information

In the world of digital marketing, we often use the word NAP, Name, Address and Phone.
All of these three things are some of the most critical information connected with your Google My Business page. Without the assistance of these three, your customers would not be able to find you. The will never be able to call you or business by just searching you on Google, or click on your location map simply with a mobile device, they will have a much harder time in finding out your website. The first tip is not just about adding your name, number and address in your online profile or listing, it is about focusing upon your business basics and thinking by every possibility of your digital profile, with all the information you can furnish to help your customers. Do not forget to add business description into your business and must be focused with your business category for more specific and wider reach.

Tip#2: Indulge Your Own Photos

There was a study according to which, the posts that have pictures, generate 650% higher engagement than the regular postings.
You heard that right, for about 650%!
However, while they say that this theory only applies to blogs, the results are quite similar whenever it comes to Google my Business listings. Visual content is always more catchy and compelling for a user and to catch their attention.
Take random, professional, candid photos of your staff, business, and products and encourage the idea of investing a photoshoot for your company. You may even use photos on other marketing materials even outside of your Google My Business page.
Whenever you use your own photos, you control what is there on your Google my Business listing. It is quite casual to see user generated content from customers as the basic default images for listings, just like we aspire Instagram stars, they usually result in some low quality images that you may or would not want to use for your brand. Always avoid customers your online images by providing images of their own.

Tip#3: Update the Google’s New Posts Feature

Since the last year, Google has contributed a lot to the updates of Google my Business, however, one of the best updates is the addition of posts to listings.
Such posts directly allow you to talk to your customers about any special offers, new/items, events or services available for purchase. It is a unique way to publicize your business to all those who are already looking for it.
Time after time, google shows preferences for websites using Google’s services. All these regular updates are not only good for your customer; overall they are good for your rankings.

Tip#4: Remember to review your Competitors

Do you want to beat out your competitors’ rankings and get ahead of game? Let us begin by sneaking a look at their Google my Business listings.
Search out Google for the categories and terms you want to be ranked for and see who is ruling the rankings. Are you one of the top 3 or 5? Are you even listed? If not, find out the things your competitor is doing that you are missing out on.
Analysis of your competitors is an excellent way whenever you are looking for ways to start a local search optimization strategy. If your competitor is on the top, they are surely doing something right.

Tip#5: Treat your Customers Right

This tip goes beyond digital marketing and the optimization of your Google my Business account, giving your customers the right care and opportunities can do magic and wonders for your business.
We might call it as the “offline SEO”. It is often said that whatever tactics you perform offline affects your online rankings instantly and there are chances that the competitors would like to go your way of business.

Tip#6: Keep a Check on Your Reviews

Keep a high check on your reviews especially in a timely manner. Do you know what makes a bad review even worse? When there is no reply or response by the company to address that issue.
Just think about it for a moment, have you ever seen a two or one star review, just read the review, then see if the company has given response for that review? We know that even after the bad review, now you feel a lot better about the company and its staff.

The One Last Thing

There are three top rules for the listings game and Google my Business listings. Always work on them as the basic ultimate rule and guidance. Take them over as a priority towards anything else and always consider them for you SEO guidelines. The three of them are relevance within the Google search, Reviews of the clients and Distance for the google search bar.

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