Google Panda and Penguin: Everything You Need to Know About!

Google’s changes were well documented. We are willing to embrace these improvements for many. Everybody wants to make sure that their advertising and SEO strategies are in line with Google’s new guidelines. The improvements to Google come in the form of Penguin and Panda. While this may sound cuddly and sweet, if you don’t play the Penguin or the Panda’s paws, you may face penalties. SEO Company in Dubai will help you figure out these algorithms for your website.


Algorithm Changes:

Google is known for its algorithms that have improved. This means that the way SEO Dubai manage SEO campaigns needs to be changed. Algorithms can be difficult to explain, but the way Google works has been subtly changed. This means that it is important to adopt SEO strategies to suit the needs of this transition.

Changes to Panda:

The Panda algorithm’s purpose is to show the results of more high-quality pages. This means that pages of a lower quality are less likely to appear in the ratings of Google. Panda is used to ensure that Google rankings recognize people with high-quality sites. This means that to satisfy Panda’s demands, the best quality content is required. Google then rates this in its index to ensure that the results visitors need are obtained.

Most advertisers want to use tactics that are Panda-friendly. You’ll need an honest white label SEO review site when using white label providers. Check this page to see if your provider is nice to Panda so that Google doesn’t penalize you.

What about the changes to Penguin?

Penguin is used to ensure that only links of good quality are used when linking back to another website. Changes in Penguin penalize improper linking. Therefore, you need to make sure that this stops as a matter of urgency if you use false ties. After all, using this kind of tactic, you don’t want to face penalties from Google.

That doesn’t mean you can’t use ties. Links are, after all, an important part of SEO. To rank high, you need links. But, to follow the rules of Google, you need more holistic and natural links. Penguin’s changes mean you’ll need more authoritative links. Also, read Why Google Plus should figure your SEO strategy? 

Future of SEO in 2020 and Beyond:

In its essence, SEO has never been static. It is growing and changing all the time. This means that marketers, in particular, need to keep up with changes to Google and search engines. By the end of 2019, white-label firms and advertisers need to make sure they are compliant with improvements to Google. Adhering to Panda and Penguin rules will ensure the success of your SEO techniques. After all, you’re not going to face long-term Google fines.

  • With a new update recently released for Google’s Panda, it’s time for us to explain exactly what these two algorithms are and how they influence the SEO and traffic of your page based on the type of content you produce from your site. 
  • Knowing how these two algorithms work is important in building strategies for content across all web channels and will help increase your organic reach.
  • If you do not understand how these algorithms work, your SEO efforts could be hindered and organic traffic drops sharply.

Even if the Panda or Penguin updates didn’t affect your account, you shouldn’t presume you’re free. Google has made every suggestion that the findings of the search results are meant to root out low value. Keeping the value of your content right now is one of the best ways to protect the page from future changes.

The rankings ensure that your local listings are:

  • The company will be sent to Google Local, Yahoo and Bing and all data will be correct and updated.
  • Create local landing pages for each venue.
  • Using standardized markup on the pages of the local landing.
  • Distribute and maintain listings with precise location data regularly.
  • Identify any duplicate or incompatible web-wide listings.

Make sure you’re new, original and engaged in your content. Do not use artificial ties. 

In short, these are the major changes in 2019 and beyond that will affect SEO.

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