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How Can the Best Project Management Software Turn Your Business Around?

Designers can not function in solitary confinement. We have to communicate with customers, developers, business analysts, SMEs, etc. and analyze the designs. The experiences cause a great deal in the life of a designer. Therefore, a lot of specialists are talking to graphic designers about project management tools that can support them.

Why do web designers need a visual design tool to excel?

A strategy for project management can be a salvation. It takes care of everything from allotment of all design requests to reorganization, communication, from getting input and acceptance of all the prior and new designs. Designers don’t need to use a project management system to juggle different apps for different purposes. A project management system for all their requirements is a one-stop solution. Web Design Dubai insists on the use of graphic design tools for better performance.

Here’s a list of best graphic tools for your business:

1.   Proof Hub:

ProofHub is a flexible platform for designers to run projects. It includes everyone in the product project-related information loop, from managers to consumers.

Pricing and offer:

· ProofHub’s embedded proofing tool makes it a massive attraction for designers. Using the markup and annotation resources in ProofHub, clients and team members will suggest changes to a template.

· ProofHub’s Ultimate Control Plan starts with unlimited users at $89/month billed annually. Timesheets is another essential feature that helps with proper time tracking, generating invoices, and assessing design team efficiency.

2.     Jira:

Jira is a highly customizable project management platform for graphic designers. With a few clicks, the team can build their projects which were not probable in it’s an older version

Pricing and offer:

· Jira effectively controls the design team’s workflow with its Kanban panels.

· The complete control plan costs up to 5000 users per $14/month / user.

3.     Trello:

Trello is another method for project management, perfect for design teams. It is useful when handling tasks, processing incoming requests, thinking up, etc.

Pricing and offer:

· To store all your notes, reviews, versions, and archives, etc., Trello becomes a central location. It also has powerful workflows such as InVision, Dropbox, Figma, etc. Trello boards keep everyone who works on what, updated.

· The plethora of demands can also well handled by breaking them into smaller sections on the board.

· It would cost $99/month / user.

4.     Basecamp:

Basecamp is another design team program which has only a small number of projects to manage. You can create to-do lists, delegate tasks, and make roles and responsibilities more visible.

Pricing and offer:

· While Basecamp isn’t as flexible as a method, the advantages of its partnership make it stand out.

· If you have to deal with clients backward and forwards, it can serve you well.

· Basecamp comes at $99/month.

5.     Podio:

It is a blank slate. You can style it to suit your needs in whatever way you wish. What’s more, the built-in models help facilitate the process.

Pricing and offer:

· You can create job-management panels with Podio.

· You can also create an App for the help desk in Podio.

· It can serve as the CRM framework for your company.

· Podio is $9 a month/user.

· It gives a free trial.

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6.     Asana:

Asana is a full-featured, graphic designer project management software. It has other features, along with a Kanban board, in which you can interact with Kanban. The calendar software lets you keep track of progress and deadlines.

Pricing and offer:

· A segment is devoted to all discussions with your team that will happen in one location.

· And, using the files app, you can store all of your data in one central place.

· The monthly business plan begins at $24.99 per month per user.


Website Design Riyadh hopes this article helped you get an overview of the best graphic designer project management tools. In the comments, let us know which graphic tool you will be using for your website design.

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