How IoT and Mobility Will Enhance School Bus Tracking?

The Mobile App Development Dubai incorporates GPS, GSM, and RFID systems to monitor student attendance on the bus, drop-down and pick-up times and locations, absence, and to warn the driver and the parents concerned on certain occasions. However, the system helps school bus operators to automate their bus routes, change route usage and minimize running costs and, most significantly, comply with the requirements of the solution.


On-road safety:

  • In addition to monitoring live location, the on-board diagnostic (OBD) device attached to the dashboard of a vehicle collects vital stats about a school bus in the fleet.
  • The device has the sensors needed to detect a rowdy driver–one who turns tough, over-speeds, takes sudden turns, overtakes other vehicles, etc. 
  • If a driver has gone overboard and the admin believes his action could harm little kids, he can remotely immobilize the engine and send a cop in his direction.
  • A driver is not distracted while driving to make sure. The mobile phone driver enters lockout mode as soon as movement is detected by the OBD.


Enable mobility solutions:

  • The school bus real-time tracking system can also be accessed from a mobile device just as it is accessed from a desktop web browser or dashboard software. 
  • Any device that has access to that cloud can track the school bus location in real-time, whether it’s the school dashboard, the parents ‘ iPhone, or the principal’s android device, the gatekeeper’s tablet.


Features of modern school bus tracking system:

Social Media Agency Dubai facilitates administrative tasks that go hand in hand to ensure a child’s safety.

You are always aware of the children’s whereabouts. Using this service, parents are also kept up to date. Once this service can also be used for the transportation of corporate employees.

  • Real-time tracking: track the bus in real-time on the internet.
  • Route replay: replay the route taken by a bus.
  • Geo-fence: get a warning as soon as the bus leaves a certain.
  • Geo-tagging area: every bus stop is marked on the map to know the location of the bus relative to the school stops.
  • Parent alerts: a special service from Tata Docomo, where parents of the wards can be alerted when the bus reaches their respective destinations.
  • Speed Estimates: get the real-time speed.
  • Over-speeding notification: get an SMS for the overspeeding alert.


Advantages of modern school bus tracking system:


1)     Simple Management:

To school authorities, the school bus tracking system is sufficient. Most of the operation is automated, including routing and scheduling.

School authorities only need to look if everything is under control and only take action if things go wrong, which is rarely the case in the modern school bus tracking system.

It saves the time and energy required for re-routing and re-scheduling whenever things go wrong.


2)     Efficiency and Saving:

Manual routing and planning lead to mistakes that may encourage regulatory authorities to pay fines. Witha mobile app development, such inconsistencies can be avoided.

Using such a system allows you to be aware of the miles covered and the mileage of each vehicle that will reorganize the payroll of the driver. Also, the school authorities get to know how the school buses are running resourcefully, if there is redundant idling and if there are instances of over-speed, overtaking, etc.


3)     Essential Logos:

A tracking system for a GPS school bus tracks the operation of each school bus. This tracks kids together with the tags in case they vanish. It is possible to use the database to find the circumstances that led to a mishap or crash.


4)     School Bus attendance:

It’s a hard job to maintain each schoolchild’s attendance discreetly. The marking of attendance by hand is therefore susceptible to errors.

An IoT application development solution for the school bus tracking system can quickly and effortlessly record attendance at the school bus. The attendance details can be pushed through a data connection to the school attendance database.


5)     Less number of calls:

Parents, who receive real-time notification when they arrive and leave a school bus carrying their child, are less likely to call the same school authorities and save each other’s time.

The technology continues to evolve and we may see a lot of innovation in the IoT-based school bus tracking system in the coming years.


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