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How Much Does a Car Wash App Development Costs?

“May I book a car wash appointment?” When is my car going to be cleaned? “As users are active in their daily tasks and look for a few moments of relaxation, these incoming messages become normal in-car washing workshops.

The need for comfort has grown so that users embrace the idea of hiring car washers to provide their cars with a cleaning service in real-time. Particularly in heavy-duty vehicles.


Core Features of car wash app:


Features in customer panel:

In addition to the registration or login process, here are the user panel features of a car wash by Mobile App Development Qatar:

1. Select the car location:

Users would add/select the car that they wanted to be serviced by this option.

2. Choose a service:

Users can choose the type and number of services they want to get experts to clean their vehicles.

3. Place service request:

This option allows users to see and pick one from all the car washers that provide the selected services.

4. Make a Payment:

Users may use this method to make a payment on the Car Wash App platform.

5. Review and Rating:

We can offer ratings and reviews on the services we got from the selected car washer with this app.


Car Washer App Features:

Here are the specific features of the car washer to remember when designing a Car Wash app:-


1. Add service location:

Car washers should identify their targeted area so that requests for services can only be obtained from those areas.

2. Accept/Reject Service Request:

A service application made by users can be accepted or rejected.

3. Share the service status:

This choice will provide users with details about the status of the service they ordered from the washer. Most often, the information is shared through a real-time photo of the car pressed.

4. Request Payment from admin:

When user payment reaches the admin account, this function will allow service providers to request the money earned.

5. Push Notifications:

It will keep them updated about all of the platform’s user requests, payment information, and other events.

Admin Panel Features:

1. Manage User Registration:

Mobile App Development Dubai focuses on the management of the number of platform-active car washers and users. It includes details of active users and car washers, as well as contact with them, or with the support team.

2. Manage service time zones:

Admin, under this portion of the app, will make sure users were connected to car washing service providers operating at their locations.

3. Manage Payments:

As the user pays admin on the car washer’s behalf, this section handles all the information related to payment. This consists of keeping a record of users who made a transaction in real-time, service providers who demanded a fee and those who were already paying.

4. Manage Rating:

Each segment of the mobile app’s admin panel focuses on handling car washer ratings and reviews, which ultimately makes a difference in the order in which they are listed in the search list.

The above are the features that make a car wash device attractive. Such apps, however, are not standing alone; they are backed up by some systems and resources that make them work. Take a look at Top 5 prototyping tools for mobile app great UX design.

Revenue Model by Car Wash Apps:

Most of the mobile car wash applications and websites are doing business and earning money from two separate sources:- 

1. Key Revenue Source For car wash networks, the primary source of revenue is the payment they charge to car washers per service they offer.

2. The car wash apps also make money by providing services such as -Advertisement–Car Wash apps on their website advertise third-party advertising and help them get more traffic in exchange for some number.

Merchandise–Most car wash companies are also offering to consumer’s car wash products and equipment such as Car Exterior Shampoo, Cleaning Gloves, Car Wax, etc. It contributes to their profits as well.



These on-demand applications are a mix of ease and convenience that saves people’s time while providing job opportunities to talented artists or professionals ‘ secret talents.

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