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How Much Does it Cost to Create an Online Marketplace like Amazon or Aliexpress?

If you hesitate to start an online marketplace and the most significant uncertainty is the cost, you’re going to want to get some estimates right away.


You will see the estimated figures for the development of different marketplaces in this article. Web Design Company Dubai will outline its features and give an estimate of creating a similar online marketplace.

Basic features of the online marketplace:

Registration, user profile development, search, integration of payment methods–from project to project, these and some other features are more or less identical. We’re most likely to start developing a marketplace from scratch with these core features. Typical features differ depending on the business category at the same time.

So, let’s first outline and estimate basic features and then, in particular, define and estimate each type of marketplace.

Some of the world’s largest markets are Amazon and Aliexpress. But even they began with simple websites that gradually evolved into the global eCommerce platforms online, turning their founders into billionaires.

Since we’ve already estimated the basic functionality, let’s see the cost of a product market’s typical features:

Seller Section:

Sellers can create and manage their shops, transactions, shipping, and customer communication. Here’s a list of features you need:

  • Seller profile verification: To prove their legal compliance, sellers provide business registration licenses and other documents. Admin should approve a newly listed seller before creating a profile.
  • Virtual store creation: vendors should be able to create their online stores with logo, description, and categories in addition to listing products in shared stores.
  • Add products: product listing with description, category, attributes, pictures, price, ratings and reviews, details of payment, and shipping.
  • Administration of orders: details and status of orders.
  • Refund features settling disputes, status, the return of money.
  • Integration of shipping: The network should be friendly with third-party providers that distribute order and return the device tracking information.
  • Transaction details: Sellers are required to view the customers ‘ history and status of payments.

Customer Section:

This section is where consumers can browse and buy products, show their orders and payments, connect with vendors, handle details about contact and delivery, set notification preferences, etc. The characteristics are as follows:

  • Shopping cart or checkout page: buyers should be in a position to complete the purchase with slight trouble. Usually, this page contains a list of selected items, their quantity, and price, total sum, payment choices and methods of shipping.
  • Order management specifics the orders, confirm payment status, and delivery date.
  • Returns and refunds of goods and carry refund orders.

Cost for development:

Typical features for developing an online marketplace like Amazon and Aliexpress will require approximately $16000. Favorable price with time-saving features all that you want. Don’t you?

Steps of the development process:

  1. Discovery:

  • We need to evaluate and estimate the requirements of your project at this point.
  • Only after this review can it be told how much it will cost to build a specific type of eCommerce website.
  • This guide is a great help and time-saving for calculating and planning creation as it explains the intent, look and feel and actions of the system.
  • This document will become the team’s primary reference during the development of the project.
  • There are a bunch of ready templates for writing requirements that you can use.
  • We will help you write a noticeable document and draw the wireframes if you have problems with creating specifications.

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2. Design:

We need to have the plan of the future marketplace before we move on to the implementation phase.

It’s easier to create a web design based on the wireframes and prototypes. Website Design Riyadh will move on to development after the design is ready.

Bottom line:

You can rely on our deep marketplace development experience and in-depth knowledge. We are trying to be at the cutting edge of innovation, using the latest technology. We use frameworks and cloud solutions to accelerate the development and minimize the time and cost of the project.

Let’s Get in Touch:

We hope you can make a confident decision to create your online marketplace, a competitive and profitable site. Get in touch with us today.

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