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How Much Does the Development of An App Like Letgo Cost?

Letgo is one of the second-hand marketplace classifieds apps with the most popularity. As one of the tech startups, it has enabled payments that cost $23 billion in revenues for the moment! Installed by 45 million users, facilitating payments for a total of $5 million a week, it has earned significant market share from eBay or craigslist, which means that the company has decent chances of beating these mediocre players on the classifieds e-commerce sector.


The app is outstanding in the practicality of the customer service, the creativeness of the interface, it makes revenues very easy and thereby all gains an excellent reputation between many consumers from different countries. And that’s why a lot of users are involved, especially about startups, in replicating the success of the Letgo application and making an app like Letgo. Take a look at this.

App Features for Letgo clone app:

Lots of young developers might want to build an app like Letgo. First of all, what features of the application have made it successful clear? Firstly, thanks to its features and ease of use, Letgo has recognized:

  • Registration: Registration for this project is simple: you can also use your email address or your Facebook profile. Only download the Play Market app and pick one of the choices.

· Selling: Selling. Just after registration, the application takes you to this page. It’s effortless to use this feature, which allowed the app to be unique.

  • Shopping. The app will automatically show the products near your location when you enter the name of the product you wish to purchase — the goods filter by posting date, category, or location. When you click on the photo, you can then see the product description and click the conversation key, after which you can have an online discussion with the trader.

Mobile App Development Dubai strength lies in the tools used for successful implementation of those features, and a few other things:

·    Geotagging: The Letgo-like app varies from the rivals with its business localization. The user can specify the region in which he is searching for the product. The app is searching for the nearby available offers. That enables the process of purchasing or selling items.

·    Chats built-in: Users will circumstantiate all the details of the deal straight from the phone, without having to call. Of course, such a feature makes it much easier for the user to use it.

· Facebook integration: The registration process with this feature is straightforward. Furthermore, this feature provides a chance to share one’s classifieds with Facebook friends.

Personalization elements:

· Localizations: If you are planning to expand your project to other countries, you should consider language support;

· Push-notifications: this is a handy option for customers, but you should remember that neither Apple nor Google can guarantee that all push-notifications will be delivered.

Other important components:

The Letgo system mainly stands on one foundation – product images. Mobile App Development Riyadh develops the Letgo clone plan and is ready to accept store, and vast process numbers of images. So you have to think about the following:

1. The servers where the photos will be stored;

2. Photograph optimization. This method is the secret to functioning the entire system. To help make the app’s work fast and flawless.

3. With the help of the admin Web screen, you will be able to sort and block users, record, and filter local papers, manage money, manage commercial activities.

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The system architecture of Legto clone app:

The design of the system divides into four parts:

· servers of the databases;

· back-end part;

· front-end part (system management panel);

· mobile applications.

How much does it cost?

It is also necessary to address the above questions because the creation of such applications involves considerable time and money investments. Developing an app for one device, iOS or Android, can take from 150 to 340 hours when it comes to time expenses.

Talking of the price for product development;

It depends on the level of expertise of the developers and their country of origin. The hourly rate for a programmer is between $100 and $250.

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