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How Much Will it Cost You to Develop a Website like 9GAG?

9Gag does things slightly differently from other platforms on social media. It is a popular website for fun images, videos, gifs, anime, movies, sports, and so much more.

You’re in the right place to create your version of 9Gag.


What will it cost you?

The good news is that 9gag isn’t a site complex, and you can use quite a few tools.

You will learn precisely how to build your version of 9Gag in this guide by which will undoubtedly attract new guests and engage your audience.

Best of all, tidy, elegant, and fully functional will be your new website. You can customize the new site to your specific needs and preferences.

You can build the platform on your own with less than $200 by using the software suggested here by Web Design Dubai. Isn’t it favorable?

How can you create a site like 9gag?

These are the simple steps required to create a website such as 9Gag:

1. Think and buy a domain name.

2. Acquire Web Hosting

3. Download the WordPress theme

4. Install & Organize Bimber

5. Launch Your Website

Domain Name:

Your domain name is the user’s URL for navigating to your website. It must be clear, easy to remember for tourists, and typically relate to the main topic of your website.

Choosing a “.com” extension as a domain name is also essential. This extension is more common to web users. There are also some advantages to SEO.com.

Ø Hosting:

The other resource you need is web hosting for your website. It is what connects your site to the server and the browser of the visitor. Without it, you can’t have a website.

Bluehost is our choice in this instance for the best web hosting platform. Although affordable and reliable, it also works with WordPress flawlessly and also allows you to select your domain name for free.

Ø WordPress:

There are many advantages to WordPress.

It’s the ease of use and affordability are at the top of the list. If your other option is to pay hundreds of dollars to a web designer to create a website, the natural choice is WordPress.

WordPress is reliable due to its popularity. WordPress backs more than a quarter of websites.

Anything else required?

You have a simple website online now that you have a domain name, your website is hosting, and WordPress is all set. Congratulations.

The next thing is to add a theme to turn your website into a forum for accessible content.

Your WordPress theme determines your website’s overall look and feel. A quality item will help the pack stand out from your new website.

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Our top choice to make a website like 9Gag, as we mentioned above, is the Bimber theme.

Ø Bimber theme and features:

For those interested in creating a website such as 9Gag, Bimber is the best choice.

It makes uploading and exchanging content very convenient in addition to its simple user interface and intuitive controls. Maybe the absolute best thing about using the Bimber theme is that it is so intuitive and easy to use.

Bimber’s main highlight is the drag-and-drop creator. You can select and drag the elements you want in place.


· Several customization tools allow you to change the overall color scheme for specific elements or just the color scheme.

· Numerous widgets and premium plugins provide you with a wide range of options for exactly how you want to design your new website.

· It has a diverse network of support materials due to its success.

· If you run into any issues, there are video tutorials and a comprehensive support guide online.

· There is also an active support group to reach out to Bimber users.

· And if you need extra help, 5-star customer support is offered by the folks behind the theme and Web Design Company Riyadh.

Launch your new 9gag website:

It has never been easier to launch a website similar to 9Gag. All you need is a domain name, web hosting, WordPress, and a theme of top quality. Your 9Gag webpage will be set up and running in no time by following these steps and using these tools!

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