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How Much Will it Take to Create An Online Platform?

Want to create a P2P commerce platform like Etsy, Play.com, or eBay? Great idea: alone in 2018, Etsy won $603.69 million. And it’s not just the most successful competition in the US.

But there’s a problem–how much does it cost to build an online platform? Web development tools are not cheap, and your concept will cost tens of hundreds of dollars. For anyone who wants to know the cost of creating a web host, this report indicates the price per element and the total value across different regions.

Marketplace Styles

There are several categories of e-markets:

· Vertical — limited to a single area or area.

· Horizontal — offers products of a few groups with a popular secondary character.

· Global – provides goods or resources from a wide variety of groups.

Vertical Marketplace

They sell items from a few vendors but of the same kind. Vertical markets are ‘ private clubs ‘ that sell a wider variety of products and have specialist vendors.

For example, it’s free to advertise a home for sale or rent on Zillow. The company does business with a lot of clients and agents/traders, but most services are primarily for purchasing, renting, or selling property.

Horizontal Marketplace

Horizontal eCommerce Development Dubai sells products and services in several classes but with particular characteristics. For instance, Couch surfing works with, and for travel, Etsy sells leather goods in several types. DogVacay offers a variety of programs, but only to pet owners.

Global Marketplace

International markets have everything under one roof – books, chairs, food, grocery stores, clothes, toys, appliances, music, electronics, and much more. It is what makes international markets unique. We merge a range of product categories to appeal to a broader audience.

This type of online platform focuses on people seeking maximum speed and minimum amount. There are many types of products, and vendors differ in price offerings.

Amazon is a classic example of this. eBay is operating similarly.

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Technology Framework to Create a Business Website

Are we constructing an MVP marketplace with would-have features? More definitely, you would like to incorporate in-app searches (Software: Elastic Search), tax payments (Braintree, Stripe), and Facebook messenger (Firebase).

The platform of the MVP: key features

Beginning an MVP project is a standard procedure. MVP only comes with the much-needed features, and you can add more advanced features along the way. After all, the quicker you launch the platform, the earlier you get reviews. To find out what you need to add or change.

·  Enrolment / Authorisation

Users must register up to and fill in their private information to make full use of the eCommerce Website Development Dubai marketplace. They sometimes asked to enter their first name, mobile phone number, and password.

Also, users will agree to the terms and Requirements to buy or sell on the marketplace. And have a registration form to ask tough questions about that. You’re going to need to add a Support Panel to that.

The platform asks for a first name, and email address, and a password. They signed up via Google or Linkedin and connected to Etsy’s Terms of Usage and Protection Policy.

·  Profile of User

There are dual customer types in the P2P industry of MVP – tenants and landlords – and these characteristics differ.

We continue with the customers.

Registered users may need to change the information on their profiles. For example, add a shipping address or means of payment, change your email address or code. Or track your email subscriptions.

·  Homepage of the website

A simple infotainment system is one feature that consumers want to see. Think about the filter framework (location, price range, etc.), the related suggestions, and don’t worry about the UI/UX design.

Apply the last watched things to your dashboard. It’s likely to help consumers picking them up quickly without asking for the exact product again and again.

Another suggestion is to add a list of essential items to your homepage.


Users will check the product description, costs or promotions, distribution and transaction options in their cart, and leave comments.

They should see the list of products included (and have the option to remove them) and then continue with the purchase of one or more items. And choose the method of payment: PayPal or credit card is appropriate for the MVP marketplace.

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