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How Text Structure is Important for Your SEO?

For SEO, the structure of the text on your site is essential. If your content organized, Google will have a higher chance of ranking well. SEO Dubai will tell you in this blog post why the structure of the text is essential.

People uniquely scan text:

People also tend to scan a document before deciding whether to read something or not. They want to know what your wording is all about before they start reading it all the way.

There are some sections that people specifically look at or read while scanning a document. Headings and bullet points, like the first sentence of a text, are essential. Nevertheless, a new paragraph’s first sentences catch the eye of the scanners too.

Now how does Google scan a text:

Just as people are searching for books in some way, so is Google. Let us send you three examples of how Google uses version for its ranking:

1. In some of its inventions, Google specified rankings for indicators such as semantic similarity. Semantic closeness refers to the likeness of related words in a text when considering the formatting of that text. To understand the semantic proximity of words, the meaning of your writing needs to be precise.

2. In another Google patent, Google specifically talks about captions, “the fair surfer.” Notations that contain those keywords are relevant to a given page’s topic.

3. Google improved its understanding of synonyms a lot better.

There are more patents indicative of using the layout of a document to grasp the text. Throughout time, Google has become far better at analyzing content. The more you write, the more straightforward Google gets to comprehend your material and rate it accordingly.

The establishment of papers with a clear theme also has a beneficial effect on the ranking, for another reason. Well-structured messages have lower bounce rates and better chances of getting coverage from social media.

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Smart tactics on the improvement of your text:

You should pay attention to: If you wish to improve your text structure

1. Your first passage of text

2. Heading yours

3. Every new paragraph has its first sentence.

First Paragraph:

In the first paragraph, you should formulate clearly what your post is about the text. An author usually begins with a teaser in written articles, but there is no room for that when you’re writing for the internet. You have moments to draw the attention of your reader. Make sure your post’s central message conveyed through the first sentence.


Bullet points should be compelling and should set out explicitly the scope of the section below. Captions help readers to skim through your text quickly and decide if they want to read your article or not.

Clear psychology is another reason you have the emphasis keyword in your first sentence. People recognize the word they were looking for and think they’re right in the right place!

The SEO Company in Dubai can recommend you to place a header above each rambling diatribe or a thematically similar group of paragraphs.

Core Sentences:

Make sure a paragraph’s first sentence is the most significant of that paragraph’s, the core sentence. After all, people tend to read every new paragraph’s first sentence, as they browse via material. In a section, the other sentences build on the first core phrase.

Google will probably pay extra attention to these phrases to evaluate the subject of a text. These are lovely places of using your keyword, where possible. If you write a very well-structured essay and stay on point, your keyword will naturally come up in several core paragraphs.

Bottom Line:

Text architecture is essential both for SEO reasons and for attracting readers to your blog. However, it’s not easy to write well-structured and most well-written texts. We believe strongly in the significance of original content.

That’s why readability analysis is part of our SEO, and we are offering a Content SEO learning curriculum that contains an SEO copywriting course.

In this SEO class, we’ll teach you what to write the best copy for your audience and ad networks, and how to organize your post well!

Let’s Get in Touch:

Contact us and get the right text structure for your SEO today!

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