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How to Change iOS App Over to Android App?

Mobile App Development Dubai and System Integration Platforms with the vision to make undertaking applications, coordinate different frameworks, and application convenience, with the most straightforward interaction there is. With state-of-the-art innovation driving the stage, it is simple for our engineers to port endeavor applications starting with one stage then onto the next without problems. The stage facilitates the prerequisite for explicit programming language abilities. The outcome is speedy porting iOS to Android (and the reverse way around) while saving time and expenses.

The stage is robotized where codes are reused (over 90%). The remainder of the application is hand-coded to make the application fill in as one brought together framework. We highlight local and cross-stage iPhone applications to Android application converter, which upholds iOS and Android systems. Make a completely local Android application from your local iOS application, which is gotten with industry-best security highlights with full lifecycle upkeep administrations.


Our evaluators will attempt a total examination of your iOS quick application to comprehend its highlights and to settle on the work process. The investigation will cover various parts of the iOS quick application. Here are the significant areas that cover the investigation:

  • How the iOS App Works

The most significant thing to comprehend is how the iOS to Android porting administrations work. This examination will help our engineers and undertaking supervisors comprehend the conduct, stream, and usefulness of the application.

  • Issues with the iOS App

It isn’t exceptional that a few iOS applications accompany messes with or have a few issues with the coding. It is untimely to try and consider moving the application without assessing for bugs and such issues. By investigating the application, our designers become very much aware of the issues inside the application, assuming any, and afterward, they can work on taking care of the issues before beginning the porting cycle.

  • Identifying Optimization Prospects

The key to effective application porting or application improvement is streamlining. Our designers break down manners by which the application can be improved for iOS and Android. An application can be advanced to perform better as far as versatile information use, battery, load time, application size, and such.

  • Understand Technology Used to create the iOS App

In this stage, our engineers dissect the system utilized, code structure, UI View Controllers, UI parts utilized, and the overall design of the application. This is important because iOS has been advancing and applications have made the advancement too with programming dialects.

  • Understanding How Back-End Tech Stack Works

Whatever the innovation stack utilized, it has little effect on our designers. Nonetheless, to err on the side of caution, our designers will examine the back-end innovation utilized with the goal that the port iOS application to Android is fast and impeccable.

IOS TO Android

Convert iOS App to Android App Porting Plan

  • Android Application Architecture

Structures of Android applications rely upon elements like usefulness, stream, backend innovation, and plan. Settling on the design will profit from the full porting measure.

  • Specialized Feasibility

This stage relates to surveying the highlights and checking the specialized practicality for the Android OS stage. Sometimes, hardly any highlights aren’t plausible for porting to the Android stage.

  • Creating Android App-Specific UI/UX Design

In straightforward terms, we supplant iOS-explicit controls and segments with Android-local controls and parts. Moreover, we can modify the route style to suit how Android applications are intended to be.

  • Client-Centric Acceptance Testing

As each application we make goes through the testing cycle, so does the ported Android application. In this period of application porting, viable are parts like controls and plan (UI/UX).

Application Testing: The last advance to Port iOS App to Android App

Joining Testing

The joining testing done by our gifted workforce guarantees the blend of gathering testing and autonomous programming modules. The ported application into Android should work after incorporation from modules into a gathering.


The last programming is approved to check if it coordinates with the business prerequisites. This progression ensures that everything is destined for success and if any progressions are vital.

Beta Testing

In this last phase of Android application testing, the application is conveyed to the customer so they can explore different avenues regarding the application with a shut client gathering (and workers) for constant utilization. This is vital before the last arrival of the application.

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