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How to Conduct an SEO Website Audit?

It doesn’t matter whether you love every ounce of search engine optimization or despise it with your being’s heart; nothing changes the fact that it’s necessary to perform your website’s SEO audit.

And perhaps you agree that SEO has an enormous impact on the generation of lead.

Alternatively, you might be part of the group that doesn’t put a lot of stock into SEO’s effectiveness.

You get the point: SEO and its effect are taken differently by everyone.

What does an SEO audit mean?

Websites that display positive marks increase web crawler confidence, foster confidence, and therefore rank better in search engine indexes.

There are automated tools for website auditing, looking manually under the hood of a website and company to see what’s going on.

Essential SEO Audit Tools:

Here are the tools for auditing and crawling websites that SEO Dubai uses.

· Google Analytics;

· Google Search Console;

· SEMRush;

· Frog screaming;

· Copyscape

You can spend the SEO audit as much or as little time as you want. You bein a much better place as long as you end up with valuable data leading to actionable actions.

In auditing your website, here are five essential steps:

1. Accessibility;

2. Indexability;

3. Factors of the on-page ranking;

4. Elements of the off-page classification;

5. Competitive Analysis

1. Accessibility: 

An SEO audit may not be the most exciting step, but it is undoubtedly one of the most significant.

If you are unable to reach your website via search engines, you will not make much progress.

Start with questions like:

· Does your robots.txt file prevent search engines from browsing some or all of your website?

· Does your website have any robots meta tags that erroneously block search engine crawlers?

· Are there any mistakes in URLs like 404 errors?

· Did you create a sitemap for XML?

2. Indexability:

In terms of on-site and off-site optimization, you can do everything correctly, but that will only get you so far.

Start with these necessary steps:

· Find your domain to see how it appears on Google.

· See how many sites are indexed to make sure Google knows most or all of them.

· Search for the keywords closest to your business.

· Select multiple pages and search for duplicate content on your website.

3. Factors of the on-page ranking: 

It only makes sense to spend a lot of time during your SEO audit on this step. It’s your website’s pages that attract visitors and search engines after all.

URL Structure :

Let’s begin by learning how to evaluate each page’s URL:

· Is the URL user-friendly and timely?

· Does the URL contain page content-related keywords?

· Did you avoid using optional parameters?

· Does the URL use hyphens?

Content Review: You should review each page of content on your website to go along with the URL structure.

4. Elements of the off-page classification:

Just like on-site optimization, in your search engine rankings, the things you do off your website play an important role.

While off-site optimization has many aspects, there are three that most deserve your attention.

a. Backlink Profile: Your website’s output depends on the quality of the related pages. While you can only monitor this to some degree, you want as many high-quality sites as possible to connect to your house.

b. Authority: The authority of website A is more critical than ever before. Your task is to build a strong reputation.

c. Social engagement: This continues to play a significant role in search engine rankings with the use of social media on the rise.

Focus your time and efforts on the broadest reach of social platforms

5. Competitive Analysis:

SEMrush is one of the top tools for digital marketers to analyze their competitors.

While this is the website’s SEO audit, understanding what the competition is up to is excellent. SEO Services Dubai tells you where you stand as far as rivals are concerned, while at the same time providing information that you may be able to benefit from it.


Pass through these steps of the SEO audit. Ultimately, you’ll have a clear idea of where your website is now and how you can improve in the future.

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