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How to Create a Like Headspace and Calm Meditation App for Your Business?

We live in a rapidly changing world that has not historically experienced a tremendous level of stress for human beings. We should, therefore, use advanced technologies, like mobile apps for meditation, to reduce daily stress and improve our mental health.

Mobile App Development Dubai gathered tips on how to build a successful and efficient app, its critical elements, and MVP product estimation to give you an idea of how to create your meditation app.

Steps to build an App clone in Headspace:

To be successful in the creation of meditation apps, you must go through the stages listed below.

Stage 1. Continue to Decide which business idea you want:

The purpose of your app must be defined, i.e., you must agree on the form of an app. The following plans currently to offer on the market are:

·    Guided software for meditation. These apps include a collection of pre-recorded guided meditation songs, broken down by subjects such as anxiety or stress reduction, SOS meditations, and so on.

· Headspace is one such example of such an app. The app welcomes new users with illustrated brief animations of relaxation techniques and offers a library that includes various meditation lessons as well as short lectures on meditation.

· Apps for morning meditation caution. As a rule, these apps have a list of sounds for calming or even mantras for meditation. Another feature of the app is a timer for tracking the length of the meditation sessions and breathing exercise information.

· Apps to the Meditator network. As average social networks, such meditator apps aim to create a local community where users can share their experiences with others.

· These apps have communities to find other nearby meditators on various topics, the right relevant FAQ section, and even the GPS location characteristics.

Step 2. Choose the best UI / UX solution:

· Avoid luminous colors.

· Use more natural shades of colors.

· Do not use too many elements of design in one go. Overloaded patterns divert users of the app from their original goal-to rid themselves of tension.

· We are using animations, rather than text. Animations work best of screens of welcome, justifications of the meditation technique, and updates of the progress stats of the user.

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Step 3. Start. Choose the platform for Mobile App:

We have different demographic profiles for Ios and android users. So you need to choose the app platform based on your target customer details, their interests, location, income level, employment, and so on.

Step 4. Find User Engagement gamification:

Acquiring the app’s last thousand customers isn’t a huge deal; you can do this using marketing campaigns and active social media presence. The plan is to encourage daily use of your app by people who downloaded it. Otherwise, users will delete your app and fail your strategy of monetization.

Step 5. Using app MVP:

Design of App Development Riyadh strongly recommends avoiding advanced features such as in-app purchases, chats, and video streams while creating an MVP Meditation app.

Instead, your MVP relaxation app may include: registration and signing with progress stats in the user profile An introductory in the type of a brief clip or anime Limited library with multi-recorded gamification meetings to enter a new mindfulness level.

Development Cost of the Clone App:

Now it’s time to find out how much a meditation app will cost:

It takes $20k per platform for the development of components of such an app.

Features to consider:

1.   Architecture:

· Reduce on-device storage

· Sync up data across multiple devices

· Send messages and notifications

· Minimize battery drainage.

1.   Live Streaming:

You will give the users an added value to stand out from the crowd. Therefore, find your meditation app’s live video streaming feature as a specific selling proposition.

1.   Subscription:

Most such devices use this model of monetization. When the user installs, the software one gets as a free trial from one to two weeks. The app user will buy a paid subscription at the end of the trial period to continue using the app or get access to a more advanced version of the app.


Through following our tips on how to create an app for meditation, you’ll create an outstanding mobile app that satisfies client needs.

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