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How to Create a Mobile Newsletter?

Today 1 in 6 emails are opened on a mobile device, where smartphone users spend 40% of their online time checking emails. So if you’re still wondering if a newsletter for mobile devices is worth creating, you can change the question to, How do I do it?


The issue includes loads of research findings and statistics. The bottom line for you is – the market for smartphones is growing and you can no longer ignore this as an email marketer. It means more income for your business after all.

Mobile App Development Dubai will give you these pointers on how well to create a mobile newsletter. It’s always a challenge to create an eye-catching newsletter. It’s an art to create an eye-catching newsletter that mobile devices view correctly. You need to learn the basics to master it. So they’re here:

1. Prepare Yourself:

Begin by walking a mile in the shoes of your subscribers. If more and more of them check their smartphones for email, what are they waiting for? What’s special about this experience?

They’re doing all this on the go, vehicles, flights, trains, you’re calling it. And often at the same time, they do several things, or multi-task. If only a few seconds of their attention is offered by a typical user, you can easily imagine their reaction if an email is illegible, or worse, is not shown at all.

2. Cut and reduce:

Your content needs to be condensed as much as possible to be effective:

  • Do not use more than one or two CTAs. 
  • Reduce the email weight to the max. 20 kB. 
  • The subject line is limited to 60 characters. 

Note that to achieve your goal, through email is a medium or vehicle. When you think of it as a communication portal that guides the reader to other places, such as a landing page or an e-store, digital, actionable content will be much easier for you to produce.

3. Fingertip clickable:

Make “fingertip-clickable” key elements of your newsletter. Note, there’s no mouse or cursor for smartphone users to grab whatever text they want. So don’t make “Buy Now” hard for them. Remember that:

  • Your response should not be larger than 640 px. 
  • The average width of a smartphone screen is 320 px, max 480 px 
  • Clickable icons for your headings should be at least 29 px by 44 px.


Lite version: No, it’s terrible. A lightweight version of your HTML design will be welcomed by mobile subscribers and will be shown by your response rates. To build a “lite” plain text version with your logo and so-called “hero shot” of your product or service in addition to the complete, graphics-rich version of a prototype.

Your creation’s lite version will be stored on a server and linked as a “mobile version” to your newsletter. This will save huge picture downloads from time, data transfer hassles, and frayed nerves.

5. Don’t make it a dead-end:

Have you ever been guided to a mobile landing page that did not display properly because it was entirely Flash-based, or did it take ages to load? Yes, so it follows that a detailed promotion sent by email should also deliver the landing page’s “mobile” version.

For optimum conversion rates, this is important. Consider replacing Flash with HTML5, CSS or JavaScript with serious consideration. And don’t forget… the same rule applies to land pages for generating descriptive messages.

Also, read First impression, visual cues for your landing page design.

Mobile App Development Riyadh hopes you’ve been persuaded by this post, but the numbers always speak for themselves. So if you care and we know you do about your conversion rates, maybe it’s time to take the required steps to keep up with your on-the-go subscribers?

More than 55% of emails on phones and tablets are opened! The emails on every computer will look great. We will resize your newsletters automatically to ensure that there are no broken icons, nonsensical font explosions or muddled images.

Engage the whole desktop and mobile audience at once. You are making it and we are delivering it. It’s fine.

Let’s Get in Touch:

Tell us about your desktop email marketing experiences and how you handle mobile user newsletters. Every day this market is growing, so we’re anxious to hear from you.

And for more “mobile” tips, stay tuned!

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