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How to Develop a Cornerstone Content Strategy With Yoast SEO?

Cornerstone material contains those stories you’re most proud of. The articles which best represent your organization’s mission, and those you certainly want to rank high. Cornerstone posts are usually lengthy and tend to be comprehensive.

Using only a cornerstone marketing strategy maybe you have never given a lot of thought to it. And it is worthy of your attention! Think of articles or pages that are on your blog. The ones are most important to you? The papers are the most authoritative and comprehensive? Select these to be the content of your keystone.

What is Yoast SEO doing with the material on the cornerstone?

A good strategy to the material of cornerstones has three aspects:

  • The material of cornerstones should be long, well-written, and well-optimized.
  • Cornerstone blogs should occupy a leading place within the framework of your web.
  • You should be holding your cornerstones up to date and new.
  • Yoast SEO will help you deal with all these items!
  1. Post excellent posts

You’ll get reviews on your writing from the Dubai SEO Company and usability review in Yoast SEO. You can turn the turn to ‘on’ in the ‘cornerstone content’ tab, the Yoast SEO sidebar, or the Yoast SEO meta boxes if you recognize an article as one of your cornerstone material articles:

Implying that an article is the substance of the cornerstone would make the evaluation of the SEO and the evaluation of usability a little tighter. For eg, if a blog is a cornerstone material, we will encourage you to write at least 900 words for a relevant post, rather than the 300 words.

Our SEO Company Dubai analysis helps the search engines optimize your blog article. You have to go the additional distance to get material on the cornerstone. Make sure you are using your focus main phrase appropriately, mention it in a few headings, and optimize your photos. But readability is incredibly important. For example, our usability analysis allows you to use enough notations and write the words and sentences in quick, easy-to-read.

  1. Incorporate content as the foundation of your website

To allow them to rank high in search engines you must connect to your cornerstone papers. You’ll also tell Google by connecting to your favorite posts that these are the more appropriate ones. Thinking of it as a map: major cities have far more roads with them than small towns.

Those are the cornerstones of your communities. Most connections they can get. The small towns are your posts dealing with more personal issues. If you create your site layout like this, you won’t be vying for a position in the search engines for your own data.

Yoast SEO has two useful features that help you connect to articles relevant to your cornerstone data.

Within Connect Tool

If you are using our plugin Premium, you can use our internal connection tool. This tool can make recommendations for links to other posts part of the terms you use in your message. The posts that you have identified as cornerstone content articles – as mentioned earlier – will always appear at the top of our recommendations list. That way you can find the best cornerstone article to connect to if you’re writing about a particular subject.

Text hyperlink

The counter for text links helps you to see from your other sites all the inbound links you have put in a blog and all the inbound links to a site. This tool gives you a simple overview of how your internal links are transmitted. Check (and regularly check) if your cornerstone papers are getting enough internal ties!


  1. Stay informed on your cornerstones

Essential for your cornerstone strategy is constantly improving your cornerstone content. Your key elements, after all, must be timeless, and will still hold the new information. If you have Yoast SEO Premium enabled, you’ll have an extra functionality to help you updated on your cornerstones. The stale content philter on the cornerstone lets you see at a glimpse which of your cornerstones needs upgrading. It works in both your summary post and summary of your pages. Neat, huh?

So many factors represent the cornerstone marketing strategy. Articles on the Cornerstone material should be insightful, enjoyable to learn, and well-optimized. Besides that, they must have a prominent position in the layout of your web.

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