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How to Develop a Mobile App for Hairdressers?

Hairdressers, beauticians, and salons can develop their mobile phone app without programming skills in minutes, thanks to the easy-to-use with Mobile App Development Dubai.

Why is it essential to have a mobile app for hairdressing?

Millions of apps downloaded every day, which reflects an outstanding opportunity to explore your beauty business. It helps to develop new clients!

It’ll boost your income. Users can book your services anywhere, at any time. You can also build deals for a limited amount of time, and inform your customers directly, without any intermediaries, in real-time.

Build the hairdresser app with us!

· All-in-one solution:

Schedule, Reserving, Customer Service, POS, Sales, Data, Accounting, Business Analysis, All your business needs bundled in one application.

· Reasonable cost:

The applications are available as a free download and use. The license is entirely $14 per month. No installation fee. No deadline to lock up.

· Promotion of sales:

Plenty of advertising characteristics to boost your trade show. Visualization of different information from various angles to preserve existing data and to attract the customer.

· Images and Photos:

We use an integrated camera, the service records processed with images. It will make better contact with getting customer consultation.

· Offline feature:

The data is stored locally on the computer, and no internet is needed. So, secure on service and privacy super sensitive. The information immediately backed up for processing in the cloud.

· Access online:

You can access the schedule from your smartphone / PC. You will be free to take the tablet with you at any time. It will take your web page for online bookings, and your client will make a 24/7 booking.

· POS features:

Your tablet/phone can have full POS functionality by combining it with a credit card reader, receipt printer, cash drawer.

· Multi-devices synchronization:

Without an extra license, the data can synchronize through multiple devices. You can use the software with single permission on your tablet and phone and see the same details.

· Intuitive and innovative:

Click and drag to modify the meeting, tap to switch between pages, making it easy to use the app from day one.

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Features of the hairdresser app:

1.   Time table / Scheduling:

· Drag and drop the intuitive process

· Managing several stylists

· Managing general activities (e.g. ‘ Meeting ‘) in addition to product bookings

· To-Do list

· Online scheduling page for your customer.

1.   Customer Management: 

· Gallery with up-to-date pictures

· Booking list

· Reference maps for customers

· History of Purchased products

· Quick & firm patron search

· Envisaged customer relationship

Service history: 

· 3D angle with a camera

· Hand-written document in-app feature

· A detailed copy of specifics

Point of Sales: 

· Payment/checkout procedures.

· Handling discount/tips

· Product sales and inventory management

· Gift voucher management

· Issue/sell / redeem incorporation of credit card scanner

· Quick, PayPal, Here, SumUp

· Issuing receipt (Printer / Email / SMS)


· Build an original catalog for your company

· Search by marked details

· Catalog images

· Quick zoom in / out

· Drag & Drop filtering

Advertising / Statistics:

· Marketing

· Send email / SMS to the booked customer

· Filtering customers with fixed requirements to send targeted online ads.

· Visualization of the sales transition or distribution

· Visits to clients, etc.

· Analysis of real-time data (sales ranking, the interval of consumer trips, any-show rate, etc.)

Accounting and Bookkeeping: 

· Sorted list of all incurred costs

· Disbursement management

· Profit / Loss Account Dimension

· Employee dispensation

· Gift voucher and premium organization

· Tax overview of circulation

Report and Reviews:

  • Making Report on Sales (by staff/goods/app form, etc.)
  • Financial Year Report on Sales Projections

Additional features:

Mobile App Development Oman is pleased to provide you with the supplement feature list:

· Online booking

· Automatically generated cloud data backup

· Timetable access from connected devices

· Invoice issue (printer/e-mail / SMS)

· Adaptable tax rate

· Goods / Inventory leadership using barcode

· Bulk data loading (customer data, data on goods)

· Data synchronization across multiple devices

· Show your beauty service featuring content, pictures, and videos.

· Add images of the latest beauty hairstyles and trends.

· Wirelessly transmit your salon, with GPS markings.

· Nobody will miss entering your lounge

· Add your contact form to booking your services.

· Display your beauty service with content, photographs, and videos.

· Add pictures of the latest hairstyles and trends in fashion.

· Transmit your living room wirelessly, with GPS labeling.

· Nobody will miss joining your lobby

· To book your services, add your contact form

Let’s Get in Touch:

Hire us and get these latest features integrated for your hairdressing mobile app today.

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