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How to Develop a Note-taking App Similar to Easy Notes?

In a period where many individuals are going to advanced note-taking applications, there is a need to oblige the requirements of the people who need a more customary pen and paper approach. Simple notes have been planned as an application that will permit you to do precisely that.

In this blog, we will be going through a portion of the highlights which make this application ideal for those with an adoration for recording things by hand as opposed to composing them out on their telephone or PC screen.

Private companies might utilize a note-taking application, for example, Easy notes, or they might depend on manually written notes, which can become hard to monitor over the long run. Bigger organizations regularly approach more intricate programming and frameworks however may likewise utilize note-taking applications to assist with the association. Regardless of the size of your business, utilizing a note-taking application can assist keep in following your considerations and thoughts.

Characteristics of Note-taking App Similar to Easy Notes by Mobile App Development Dubai

  1. Make Vibrant and Creative Notes :

Different tones can be added to make fantastic visual notes with this note-taking application. You might make coordinated notes whenever and place utilizing a shading-based note-taking technique. Besides, you might customize the foundation of your notes to cause them to seem awesome, just as give them a feeling of multi-shaded notes.

  1. Revamp Your Notes:

The two designing apparatuses available for getting sorted out your notes in grasp through the Simple Notes application are as per the following. You can organize your notes in two ways: network style and rundown style. What’s more, you can sort your rundown.

  1. Recover Your Notes:

Backing up your notes is a straightforward method. You might save your notes by utilizing the suitable choices. You can in any case recover your notes assuming you lose or uninstall your application coincidentally on the grounds that they’re put away in Google Drive.

  1. Arrange Notes:

The Easy Notes application incorporates an inherent hunt element to assist you with recovering prior notes. They can be arranged by date, shading, or point. You can set up note suggestions to ensure that nothing is missed.

  1. Make Voice Memo and Video Notes:

Utilizing this application, you can remember pictures and sound accounts for your notes. This element is surprising in other famous note-taking applications.

  1. Lock your Notes:

The simple Notes note-taking application scrambles your notes with a secret phrase, and you might set up a four-digit security code to keep your data hidden.

Motivations to pick Easy Notes

A portion of the motivations behind why you should utilize this extraordinary note-taking application is as per the following.

  • There are likewise various topics that permit you to change the shading plan spontaneously.
  • Permit you to empower autosave on your PC and give a few hints on the best way to make the most out of this helpful apparatus.
  • Penmanship your notes is incredible for getting every one of the subtleties down without stressing over wrecking the arranging, yet it very well may be difficult to peruse later on the off chance that you don’t compose flawlessly, and it occupies more room than composed notes.
  • By utilizing shadings, shapes, and images, you can make your rundown making more fun and coordinated.


We at Dubai Mobile App Development value giving the best client experience from beginning to end. Assuming you’re searching for a group of experts who are knowledgeable in versatile application improvement, we can foster your Note-taking application like Easy Notes and furnish it with a drawn-out support bundle that will stay up with the latest as any progressions happen in iOS or Android working frameworks.

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