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How to Develop a Website like Airbnb?

The clean user interface of Airbnb has enabled it to thrive and is a leading example of how e-commerce user experience can impact. Businesses should benefit from Airbnb and adapt their user experience to their websites to see a higher return. This e-commerce marketplace can grow into a powerful income-generating solution.

Know the basic need of the audience:

Airbnb provides online travel-related services that help people earn money by letting their homes temporarily, and travelers find places to stay at a reasonable price.

Until extending their business model to include more features, they focused on the basic features their target audience required and stuck with it. In its early years, this strategy helped Airbnb gain credibility and helped it grow into today’s global sensation.

Considering the cost:

The website similar to Airbnb must contain features like:

· An optimized, unfussy search box: with a prominent and user-friendly search bar, the website homepage welcomes you. It attracts the attention of the user immediately.

· A dynamic map search: an interactive map is available to allow users to search for destinations, adding to the convenience of the website.

· Customer reviews: Including a separate feedback section from current or previously active clients will serve as a high point of appeal for potential clients.

· Price ranges: Airbnb enables travelers to search for products within a price range that is of particular benefit to those who work within a budget.

Web Design Dubai considers developing from scratch a marketplace that will be easier to maintain in the future to save money.

Consideration of the upfront costs and long-term costs of the technology you use to build your framework is also essential.

Most marketplaces opt for RoR or Python, which can result in a flexible, stable, and smooth finished solution and easy integration of payment gateways.

Other features you can include within your budget range:

· Practical dashboard: Managing space should be accessible to both guests and hosts and should contain information that they may need to know. In the case of Airbnb, these pieces of information include total booking numbers, listings, total profits, messaging section, the configuration of profiles, and customization capabilities.

· Payment gateways: make sure to have remote payment systems such as PayPal, Stripe, etc. enabled by your e-commerce platform.

· Checkout: make checking out and purchasing your items convenient for customers.

· Integrated social media channels: to further promote your business, integrate your website with social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

We will simplify your model:

The website provides these two types of users with a different interface, but both interfaces are simple and easy to use.

Guests can easily search and connect to potential hosts for places to stay in a particular area. Hosts can connect easily to guests who are interested in their offers.

People value easy-to-navigate websites, and this simple business model translates into a simple e-commerce marketplace that makes it easy for travelers to find hosts and for hosts to book guests.

To use the platform, both types of users must first register. All kinds of users can access their profile, accept or reject the payment, and connect with others through the newly constructed website after agreeing with the user policy.

Businesses can also use the right technology with models based on this similar idea of exchange to transfer to the e-commerce marketplace.

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Features of the website like Airbnb:

Because we have already defined the concept and business model, let’s talk about how to build a commercial real estate website like Airbnb.

Studying the examples mentioned above, you will notice their similar structures:

· Log-in / sign-up via email or social media.

· Search and renter filters on the main page.

· Add listings information blocks how it works, benefits, about us, contacts, testimonials, etc.


To build Airbnb-like websites, you will need to consider other things. Starting a marketplace for commercial real estate, you will have to mind these points.

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