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How to Do an SEO On-page Audit for Your Online Store?

Is your online store not as noticeable as you’d like? It may be the case that you haven’t enhanced your on-page SEO appropriately at this time. Be that as it may, don’t stress; this is the place a review can get you out.

Website optimization can be quite requesting and tedious. It can likewise be extremely mind-boggling, and dealing with it removes time from dealing with your store and making deals. Be that as it may, SEO is significant and much harder when you don’t play out a normal review.

There are really two kinds of SEO reviews you’ll have to perform:

  • On-page SEO review
  • Specialized SEO review

Slither Your Website

Regardless of whether you’re doing an on-page SEO review or a specialized SEO review, you have to slither your site first with the goal that you realize how well it’s performing for the end client as far as ease of use. A creep will likewise give you what you have to change.

This component gives you a basic outline report that gives you what you’re managing – explicitly content that necessities sifting through at the earliest opportunity because of frail labels, meta depictions, copy substance, and poor inside connecting. This is all on-page SEO that can represent the moment of truth your site. How about we investigate:

Change Your Metadata Descriptions

To begin with, investigate your Google Search Console to discover which pages are driving the vast majority of your traffic. With regards to meta depictions, it’s a smart thought to concentrate on clicks. Why? Since a meta portrayal is basically there to energize more snaps. In the event that your active visitor clicking percentage is down, in spite of your site being on page one of the SERPs, it may be the case that your meta portrayal isn’t hitting the spot. The active clicking factor is a positioning element, and it additionally supports transformations.

Change Your Title Tags

Title labels are apparently one of the most significant on-page factors with regards to SEO Company Dubai. On the off chance that you don’t review your title labels and improve poor ones, Google will pick a title it believes is ideal.

Not at all like meta depictions, title labels do impact positioning legitimately in light of the fact that they mention to Google what a page is about. They additionally constrain clients to click. Investigate your crawler apparatus and recognize title labels that are excessively protracted and do exclude catchphrases. Single them out and add them to a spreadsheet.

Title labels shouldn’t surpass 70 characters, and they ought to consistently incorporate your objective catchphrase. They should be exceptional, as well, so head over to the HTML Improvements segment in your Google Search Console (it’s under the Search Appearance area) and verify whether you have copy titles.


For online stores, copy content is only one piece of the issue. The second greatest issue is that Google is keeping watch for significant, long-structure content from sites simply like yours. Research has indicated that long-structure content reliably drives more traffic, yet the problem is that item pages, by definition, are commonly short-structure.

Other Page Content

During your review, you ought to likewise recognize open doors for pages about returns and conveyance terms and conditions, just as a blog. An eCommerce blog is very significant in light of the fact that it enhances the end client by exhorting and teaching them about your specialty and items. You can utilize a blog to draw in clients, position yourself as the master, and prod them further towards a deal. For Dubai SEO purposes, a blog presents more catchphrase openings, just as more third party referencing openings.


On the off chance that you need to improve your site’s positioning, you have to interface your pages together. An inner connection is a connection that coordinates clients starting with one of your pages then onto the next. For SEO purposes, it assists with demonstrating Google your site’s pecking order, and it likewise encourages Google to comprehend the connection between your pages, which is extremely significant.

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