Repair Broken Links

How to Identify and Repair Broken Links on Your Webpage?

Because 404 errors and error messages have an adverse influence on your search engine results, it is acceptable to be proactive in eliminating them to optimize visibility and site traffic.

Bloggers updated their blogs’ material more frequently than other website owners. As a result, they are more likely to have connection issues across their homepage.

As plugin minimalists, we usually insist on doing manual tasks to prevent the use and installation of plugins. In this situation, you can be confident that having the capacity to deal with these issues quickly is worthwhile.

Utilizing Google Webmaster Techniques to analyze and remove incorrect Links

SEO Dubai can help you utilize GWT and remove incorrect links. There are 2 explanations why Google indexes pages that do not exist on your website:

Because of such a typo, you accidentally linked an invalid internal link.

You wrote a post and then chose to alter its URL after Google had crawled the actual image.

Google Webmaster Tools is the finest tool for detecting these issues. Establish your website there if you’ve not already. It is a must-have tool for everyone who runs a website.

The Delete URL tool, which allows you to remove incorrect pages from Google search results, is one of the most essential tools given by GWT.

Let’s look at how to get rid of those problematic URLs from Google’s search.

Identifying incorrect sites that have been searched by Google

Here’s how to identify invalid pages once you’ve joined up for Google Webmaster Tools, set it up, and validated your site.

  1. From the menu icon, click Diagnostics and then Crawl Errors.
  2. Go to the Not Found section.
  3. Check to see which page includes the broken link if one is accessible.
  4. To ensure that the URL is listed in Google, cut/paste it into Google’s search box and check if any results appear.

URLs are being removed from Google search results

  1. Select Crawl Access from the Site Configuration menu.
  2. Choose Remove URL.
  3. Select new deletion request.
  4. Choose the first option to delete a page entirely from Google search results.


Choose the fourth option if you wish to keep the page in search results but delete the cached version of the page. This is effective in the process that Google shows an out-of-date version of the page in the “cached” link.

5 Press the Next button.

6 Enter the Url address you want to delete from Google.

7 Ensure the first choice is chosen, then click the Add button.

8 Deleting URLs off Google’s search engine The URL to be deleted must now be shown in the list. You can add more pages to be removed if you like.

9 Select Submit Removal Request.

10 Choose Crawl Access from the Site Configuration menu.

11 Click the Remove URL button.

12 Check that the URL you want to delete isn’t in the listing of outstanding requests.

13 Check on Removed URLs to see whether the URL is still there.

To ensure that the URL has been deleted from Google, cut/paste it into the text box and check if any results appear.

How to fix broken Links

Utilizing Xenu Link Sleuth to identify connection issues

Xenu is a static websites programme for Windows that displays all of your site links—whether they are legitimate or invalid—in a very legible format. It is quite simple to use Xenu after you have installed it.

1 Select Check URL from the File menu.

2 Enter the URL of your website

3 Allow for all links (site-wide!) to be checked

4 When Xenu asks if you want a report, select Yes.

You may provide your FTP server information, but I just click Cancel, and Xenu creates an XHTML report immediately.

Click on Broken links in the produced report. Sort the table of contents by a link to view all the web pages which have connection issues.

Lastly, when you’ve identified all broken links, go to the articles and pages that include links to broken links. Those connections should be fixed or removed.

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