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How to Identify The Right Digital Marketing SEO Tools in 2020?

We’ve grown so accustomed to Google and enjoy the fact that 95% of all internet traffic is now basically organic search. In essence, approximately 6.5 billion queries a day are usually carried out by Internet users.

Subsequently, 61% of all visits to websites originate from search engines. Although paid quest reports for 10%, organic yields a staggering 51%. Social media is not similar to it, taking into account that just 5% of web traffic falls from there.

Thought better about it, without the influence of web pages, you might say e-commerce would be extinct. That’s why a large portion of organizations that have employed SEO companies invest more than $5,000 a month on automation alone, as a result.

While Google has been the most popular, the truth is that the site has multiple search engines.

They come in numerous languages, each with a particular intended audience of its own.

And Google itself, with many models that are specially optimized for various locations, is very complicated.

E.g., Google.co.uk runs algorithms that have been tailored for UK-based users, while Google.de is designed explicitly for German queries, on the other side.

Oddly enough, in every region, Google is not the king. While in the Czech Republic, Seznam is much more popular, Koreans prefer Naver, Russia is fascinated with Yandex, and Baidu is all about China.

Therefore, beginning your search by identifying the particular browsers your intended audience is using is critically necessary. E.g., if your online shop is located in the U.S., giving preference to SEO resources designed for Google.com will be a wise decision.

SEO Company Dubai Features

With the SEO tools, how are you trying to gain? Well, of course, the primary target here is to ensure a consistent search engine rank. And therefore, how would you want to accomplish that exactly?

Each platform for SEO arrives with its collection of features created for a particular function. For starters, we bet you already know a few resources for keyword analysis.

Since they provide insights into search query terminology, they will be suitable for generating keywords to customize the web. And that’s only the start.

There have been tools for almost every SEO feature that you can think of — link creating, optimization of content, you name it.

Besides that, we have additional resources designed for information. While some can evaluate rivals, some help you manage your ratings, and then there is a unique class of site crawlers to keep tabs on suspected SEO mistakes.

User-Friendliness for Users

Let’s be frank. SEO, especially if you’re not an accomplished marketing professional, can be incredibly complicated and nerve-wracking.

Things can get much worse when you want to use one of those high-level instruments that come filled with sophisticated engineering mumbo jumbo.

Well, the positive thing about SEO is that for each skill level, there are instruments. Newcomers have a myriad of specially-adapted solutions that they can use to boost their web rating, as well as expert advertisers.

But, the striker’s here. Usually, the most straightforward beginners’ tools with user-friendly configurations provide minimal and sometimes static Dubai SEO Company functionality.

On the other hand, the most flexible tools for professionals have extensive flexibility at the expense of user-friendliness.


It usually doesn’t take much effort to make a group of free SEO software for yourself. But, we suppose you know how it’s going from there — free often comes with a caveat.

In certain instances, free implies limited functions. And you will only be able to exploit them for a short amount of time if you manage to secure one with a substantial assortment of features. So, all in all, real SEO comes at a price all the time.

That said, as a monthly fee for an SEO tool, regular small to mid-sized companies usually pay between $30 and $300 a month. On the other hand, business consumers are paying way more than personalized features.

Still, are these levels of prices sensible?

Well, how fair the price depends on the value given by the instrument.

And it can only be calculated in conjunction with their respective quotes by matching the SEO requirements with the functionality provided by different resources.

It is also important to note that some companies even offer customers who opt for more extended subscription times concessions.

So, by merely preferring annual billing rather than month-to-month reimbursements, you could end up saving profit in the long haul.

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