How to Modify Your Website Without Affecting SEO?

It is certainly something else to be proud of when comprehensive google analytics and ideal SEO-focused quality have put your blog on the first page of the search results. To accomplish this, it takes quite a lot and there are always considerable obstacles to overcome.

It can be just as difficult to hang on to your prestigious position.

Most copyright holders can see their platform move from the first performance page to the second or third page, and have no idea as to why it occurred. It may be triggered by overlooking recent improvements to Google’s search algorithms or maybe a negative SEO assault has occurred. Far too often, though, a recent upgrade of the site triggers a sudden decrease in search engine results.

Until we move into our plan of action, we must stop and consider the most important aspect in any website redesign — the user experience. When determining what else should improve about your homepage it must be your central objective.

If tourists also have the smallest trouble using your platform, they will move to one that is more user friendly. Keep the website as easy as possible and do away with any usability issues. Creating a website that can give users a positive experience is more about focusing on what your guests are going to be seeing but never wanting your redesign objectives to get away from that.

If you’re using measures as a reference, you can restructure your platform without damaging the SEO Services Dubai of your site. All of this begins with an SEO-sensitive perception of your traditional and new material. Let’s kick-off!

Plan The Restructuring

When determining on design and design improvements, you can start with a collection of details that will function as a crucial baseline. This included the latest details:

Screenshots of the website you already have. This will enable you to map old pages to different content, which actually makes sure you don’t leave anything significant out of the new site by mistake.

SEO statistics for every page on your current website. Choose a plugin such as JetPack to get data about your web.

With that same knowledge and designed for your new website design, you can perform a side-by – side analysis that focuses on identifying unintended inaccuracies, avoiding potential massive reforms, and ensuring that you do not accidentally eliminate a site feature that is critical to your strong search engine rankings.

One of the items that will be ringing alarm bells for Search the first moment it wanders your new website is a big promoting national.

Using your SEO Services in Dubai data to assess which of your websites are responsible for the majority of the visitors on your site, and refrain from making radical changes to those websites.

Even what appears to be a slight rewrite could delete powerful phrases. Know which phrases are relevant to avoid inadvertently removing factors that determine traffic to the website, and ensure that your new web browsers include those phrases in page headers, titles, and meta explanations.

Stage and Validate the New Site

Repairing broken connections, making corrections, and designing codebase are all stuff that needs to happen until you release your new site, not afterward.

To build a seamless swap-over from your previous website to your new one, you must initially install your new website on a different production server that will not be accessed by guests to. This will give you the chance to test the platform in full when you go live.


To check that all the right pages remain on the new site, you can use the sitemaps of both the current and old sites. Please ensure all of your internal connections – connections from one of your sites to the next – work properly.

The best way to get access to a computer system that is different from your existing one is to communicate with your hosting company. You will then only move a duplicate of your previous website to that server, make the expected changes and start testing. You can have access through a provisional URL while you plan the new site, but you really should keep it segregated from the network so that web pages don’t search it out unnecessarily.

We will be glad to assist you for any issues regarding SEO!

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