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How to Protect Your Work in Web Design & Development?

One of us has ideas and some ideas are worth taking advantage of more than others to make money–that’s how business works. They don’t want other people to use these ideas, which is understandable, but ideas can not be covered as such –they can only protect expressions of ideas. In this post, we will explore and give you tips on how to protect intellectual property in the growth of the internet.


There are a variety of rights inside the website when it comes to intellectual property in Web Design Company Dubai. For example, the registered trademark rights are highly likely to protect any branding or logos used. It’s easy to believe that once you’ve bought your domain name, developed all of your website content, and only posted your website, the rights are yours alone. This is often not the case, though. 

Intellectual property in web design & development:

For web development, it can often be more difficult to monitor when it comes to intellectual property. Web Design Dubai typically involves the work of a team of specialists or individuals. This person or team should have the right skill set to make your website look and run as you would like it to. 

They will mainly deal with implementing code, for example, and properly formatting pages to ensure that everything works as it should. That’s why, as it can be very private, intellectual property can be harder for the police in web development.

· Hypertext links:

A hypertext link is one that connects to another website. Whether linking one website to another is a copyright infringement of the linked website is still not clear. Nevertheless, anyone whose website contains links may be responsible for any page to which it contains links. 

The connection is likely to be indirect and the route includes going through a different website. Also, you should make sure that you have permission to do so if your web developer wishes to include a hypertext link to another website.

 If your website has been created by another party, the web development contract will make it clear whether or not connections can be inserted through a website.

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· Framing:

Framing is a technique in web development that enables a website to be viewed on another website in a smaller window. It is conceivable that if someone were to build a website without receiving content from the owner of the website, that person would be liable for infringement of copyright when publishing the work. It is always best to first obtain permission from the other website’s website owner. 

What about web design?

The aspects of your website that you own and what you are supposed to be can be different. They will all depend on what you agreed in your initial contract with your web developer. You must check the terms and conditions set out in that contract regularly. In particular, if you use a company, pay close attention to the agreements on the estate.

If you have commissioned it, a custom website that has a visual design should be yours in an ideal world. This may not always be the case, however. If your website is a template adaptation or pre-existing layout, this may not be true, unfortunately.

 For example, you create or build a content management system on your website. Otherwise, you’re not going to be entitled to any of the rights on the site you’re working on. Throughout web development, many issues are surrounding the intellectual property. These are often more difficult to argue, however, if your website is tailored to your needs.


All too often, when conflicts occur about intellectual property, this is due to poorly defined website requirements within the agreement. This is sometimes due to inadequate interaction between the web developer and the user, but may also be due to lack of guidance or creative differences.

You may also want to include instructions and standards for technical support, hosting, and maintenance in your contract. This will, however, depend on what you want from your Website Design Jeddah, during and after the development of the website. 

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