How to Stay Away From Google Penalties in Your SEO?

Over the years, many websites have been penalized by Google. Some used SEO methods for black-hat. There were also many website owners, however, who did not have any idea why they were penalized by Google. Because of Google Penalties, many entrepreneurs have lost their main source of revenue. Without black-hat SEO methods, your websites can be ranked. SEO Company Dubai can assist you to acquire comprehensive SEO understanding and expand your learning, aligning you with at least an appropriate search engine optimization strategy. Mobile App Development Company in Dubai makes all the solutions mobile friendly.


Ways to avoid Google Penalties:

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1)     Care about Content Quality:

You are likely to post too many parts of material without concentrating on their quality. Google has advised many large websites about this problem in many instances. As your website grows, keeping track of all your old content and making sure it is compliant can be challenging. Consider revisiting older material to guarantee that it complies with present norms and does not have broken connections. If you don’t follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, your posts can rapidly lose their rankings


2)     Cloaking Pages:

Cloaking websites mean two versions of the article being built, one for search engines and one for a human audience. This method is used by black-hat SEO men and some affiliate marketers to get traffic by fooling bots from SEO.


If you’ve ever discovered an article that ranks with little or no significance for a particular common keyword, it’s a cloaking page technique instance.

3)     Trusting on Paid Links:

The amount of backlinks is one of the most significant ranking variables. Some individuals may inform you the significance of backlinks has been lost. Yes, many other variables indeed decide the ranking of the website, but Google still considers backlinks to be of utmost significance.

4)     Doorway Pages:

Google hates the pages of the door. Creating doorway pages means creating multiple pages and ranking them for different keywords. The sole aim of these websites being created is to fool search engines. These websites direct consumers for monetization to the webmaster’s true landing page.

5)     Interstitial Ads:

To discover the data they are looking for, Google users press on websites. Few are in search of your products or services. Google has discovered many sites that use annoying interstitial advertisements to force customers to land or manually remove popups on a particular product page. It’s an unethical procedure in the dictionary of Google. These interstitial advertisements hamper the experience of the user. That’s going to harm your website as well as Google. And Google doesn’t take kindly to be harmed, as already stated!

6)     Spam Comments:

Comments about spam are prevalent. In the comments section of many websites, we can see many unrelated remarks with irrelevant connections. Google sees it as a method of black-hat SEO. Posting some relevant remarks for some quality traffic is a good practice, but that doesn’t mean you can manually blast irrelevant comments on different websites or use some software.

7)     Lazy to write your content:

Google cares for money, and their users don’t want to leave Google. What if consumers discover lousy websites at the top of their searches for Google? They may move to a search engine or Bing. Google is rigorous in duplicating content and spun content that does not give its users any value.

8)     Attempting to bring down competitors ranking:

The webmasters believed by eliminating their rivals they would get to the top. Their methods were backfired, however. Google is too intelligent, and webmasters can discover nearly all types of shady techniques. We saw webmasters bombarding the websites of their rivals with low-quality backlinks to bring down the rankings of their websites.


To wrap up, all of them concentrate on bringing the websites of their customers to the top of the different search engines. Only a few of them, however, concentrate on maintaining their websites secure from sanctions and black-hat SEO strategies.

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