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How To Use Artificial Intelligence In Mobile App Development

With the rising demand for instant access to content, mobile apps were at the front of the revolution of technology. There are apps for that from social media and sports, food services and banking. 

With world users spending more than 5 hours a day on mobile apps, it’s no wonder apps are a major source of how people use the internet. And because mobile apps have become such an important part of our day-to-day technical experience, Mobile App Development in Saudi Arabia knows about finding and sharing something new and exciting.


Today, AI, VR and AR convergence is becoming an industry-wide practice. Therefore, Mobile App Development Riyadh is focusing on the convergence of artificial intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality in designing your mobile apps for business purposes. 

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Mobile apps can create a more personalized experience for users through the use of artificial intelligence by examining data and finding key trends in user behavior. To use AI’s power for the mobile app designing, here are a few points that will boost your brand strategy.

Using AI to provide Personalized Content:

Machine learning is one of AI’s most popular applications as businesses can search large amounts of data and draw meaningful results based on collective knowledge. This is important for businesses because AI can give the actions of a user and decide what the interests of that user might be. For example, a buyer may use machine learning to help get more clothing options based on previous sales that a buyer might like. 

One of the most important aspects of business is providing personalized content to your customers because it keeps them connected with your brand. You will show your viewers that you are paying attention to what products and services they like and hate with the help of AI. This form of customizing helps to improve the customer experience of your brand; it increases user satisfaction and creates sales at the same time.

Using AI to Satisfy the Customers:

As a business owner, there are probably hundreds of inquiries that you need to answer every day. However, customers ask about everything from a particular product to the hours of operation of your company.

For the comfort of consumers, many well-known companies have already used this functionality in their mobile apps. Inbox, the mobile email app for Google, uses artificial intelligence to create custom responses based on the messages you sent. 

You can pick or write one of the suggested responses, save it, and use it the next time someone has a similar inquiry. Not only will this increase the work of your staff, but it can also be used as a way of increasing sales.

For example, in a campaign, rechecking users by email gives a 100.95 percent click-through rate. You should answer a user question while helping them to move along the sales path. A strong brand technique is to use AI to respond to your customers. It allows the team to provide your customers with specific answers.

Using AI for Voice-Powered Technology:

One of Artificial Intelligence’s most common applications is voice search. There were around one billion voice searches per month as of January 2019. The increase in this technology means that more and more companies will begin to use voice technology into their mobile app growth.

One way you can use voice technology is through virtual assistant integration. It means that by using an AI-powered computer such as Cortana or Siri, the users can get the features of your app with their voice.


Our industry as a group has only started scratching the surface for what artificial intelligence can do. We use this software with your brand means that your business remains ahead of the curve. Let’s take another look at the pointers on how we will use artificial intelligence for your mobile app:

  • Using machine learning and AI to offer personalized content to your users to improve the interaction.
  • Provide your consumers on a scale with AI and get answers to their questions. 
  • Provide a hands-free user experience with AI and voice technology. 

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