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Improve Your SEO With These GA Insights

Google Analytics or GA is an extended platform with lots of reports, tools, features, and data that can very quickly get confusing if you don’t know what you’re doing.

So start learning about the features of GA and how they can be useful in your specific situation before you even think about SEO or creating your page.


The good news is you don’t have to read all about GA. After all, you’re not going to use all the features available. But you should know the basics, so SEO Company Dubai will work on how to improve your SEO plan further.

1) Sitemap and Crawlers:

Analytics account is going to be inaccurate and the findings from an SEO perspective can be catastrophic.

The sitemap is an XML representation of your site structure in which all the pages and connections are laid out between them. To get it, you can use the platform-specific plugin (for example, you can use the Google XML sitemap plugin on WordPress).

Record it with Google Search Console once you have the sitemap and make sure there are no indexing errors. Something can be like:

  • Orphaned links from pages that you have removed.
  • 404 or 301 error
  • URL errors that are blocked by robots.txt file.


Setting up goals: A complete goal is called a conversion and is used by GA to quantify and measure your business ‘ success by providing you with information such as conversion rate and conversion number. So, you need to define them correctly! Web Design Company Dubai understands specific actions by goals (target goals) that you want users to take on your page.

3) Useful reports:

Google Analytics will start collecting and processing data from your users until you set goals and your website is properly indexed. The results are shown in different reports (which you can customize), so for your SEO campaign, we will go through some of the most important ones.

4) Device Breakdown report:

The world has changed in ways that it’s hard to imagine since the mobile took over!

This included adjusting the pages to different screen sizes for SEO and Dubai SEO is ensuring that all elements were rearranged. Nowadays, finding a page that is not reactive (or mobile-friendly) is rather difficult because most themes have this built-in to their system’s heart.

5) Referrals report:

Backlinks are vital to any SEO project, so keeping track of any new or old referrals is crucial. This is exactly what this report does, and to access it, go to Realtime-Traffic Sources-Referrals. 

Now, once you determine the values are more important to you, the information in this document becomes significant. For example, if you are more interested in getting new visitors to read and share your material, then it becomes valuable to have links that send people who spend more time on the website and hit more pages per visit.

On the other hand, if more significant is the number of new visitors, then this value should be used as the key filter.

6) Identify Top-ranking content:

Now, just find the pages that appear on the first page and make a note of the keywords they’re currently ranking for to get an idea of your best conversion material.

By simply adding a link to it and a Call to Action on one of your high-ranking pages, you can use this data to drive more traffic to that content. Only browse through your high-ranking pages and locate one that supports the keyword you’ve only mentioned.

Also, you can add more internal links to other pages on the web to improve the ranking of that piece of content. Users will have a better opportunity to see it and use it this way. Also, read 6 Practical Tips for SEO you should know and apply for 2020.


Google Analytics is a great tool that offers a lot of useful information for website owners and SEO users. At first, it may look a bit confusing, but once you have your basics, the documents and the resources and features it provides will become easier to understand.

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