Increase Your Organic Traffic via SEO and ASO Strategies

It is clear that with mobile’s increasing global reach levels; SEO Company in Dubai is making new marketing tools for virtually every business in the world. Likewise, it is important to customize websites for search queries and the same technique app store optimization often applies.

SEO Services Dubai uses the technology of SEO and ASO to help you increase visitors on your website. Most people, on the contrary, assume that ASO and SEO are similar to each other. However, there are a few similarities, when you look a little closer, they’re quite different.

What does SEO mean?

It’s also a method of optimization. Its goal is to improve the positioning of the website. This stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the process of using organic search engine results to increase the quantity and value of traffic to your website.

What does ASO mean?

App Store Optimization is the method of optimizing a game or application to maximize its popularity in app stores in Search (when users search) and Explore (when users browse), increase listing traffic and boost conversion rates to achieve the maximum amount of organic downloads.

The main difference between SEO & ASO:

Indeed, SEO’s simplest definition is that Search Engine Optimization is a process of increasing a website’s visibility in search engines. While App Store Optimization is the process of boosting an app’s visibility in the app store. 

Also, ASO and SEO are often seen as related, both optimizing keywords and helping you to inflate organic traffic to either your website or app store’s respective region. Depending on the factors listed, the main differences between ASO and SEO are:

· Ranking Factors:

Complexity or at least what we know about the ASO ranking factors is the main difference between ASO and SEO. Although we know that over 200 ranking metrics are being used by Google to decide which page should be ranked for what and where. 

App Title is included in the list of known ASO ranking factors one of ASO’s most important parts. Use relevant, well-researched keywords to choose the right title. Keywords app a very important area on the Apple App Store. It’s like the now-outdated tag of Meta keywords. App Description This is where you can clarify and inspire people to download your app. App Downloads one of the key factors tends to be the number of app downloads. Popular applications are higher rated. Backlinks these do not affect Apple’s App Store’s ranking of your app.

· App Ratings & User Reviews:

Each app has its ranking on the App Store. For the user, ratings function as social proof: people are much more likely to select and download an app when they see it has a good rating. Feedback plays a very similar role; feedback also affects users ‘ decisions about whether to download an app or not.

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·  Keyword Research:

SEO is a key part. For anyone working on ASO, it’s also very relevant. There’s one big difference, though: when it comes to Google, using the AdWords Keyword Planner, we can access accurate data with monthly keyword search volumes.

· Keyword Optimization:

Ranking for the right keywords is necessary for both disciplines. You’re primarily looking for keywords with good scores in the app stores. Both metrics include a ranking of high chance and high significance for download. In the SEO setting, on a site like AdWords keyword planner, you need to look at the average amount of keyword search.

· Depending on Investment:

The more you spend in paid ads Facebook Advertising, Instagram Ads, Google Ads, Snapchat Ads, the more exposure and organic downloads are affected by the value you receive as downloads. With ASO, SEO is independent of the investment in advertising. 

This means that the payment of promotion does not affect the visibility of a website. Besides that, you need to invest in Inbound Marketing, PR, backlinks if you want to boost your SEO.

· Visibility:

The main source of ASO visibility is: Check to Find Similar or Related Applications Top Charts Included. The main source of SEO visibility is Google Discover check only on Android devices.


In a nutshell, both have a similar goal of making an app (ASO) or a website (SEO) more visible. There is little doubt that both SEO and ASO techniques are great ways to increase your chances of optimizing your search engines and app stores for greater discovery

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