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Increase Your Website Conversion With These Strategies

This article outlines some effective strategies for web design to increase the website’s conversion rate.


1. Site speed is important:

You will do everything you can to ensure that your website is loaded as quickly as possible. Human beings are typically impatient, and hundreds of online activities are fighting for their attention at any given time. Which makes them more nervous than ever. Waiting for a slow loading site is now more like a punishment.

An optimal site loads within 3 seconds or less, and it is still possible to consider a site that takes around 7 seconds to load, but anything above 7 seconds is not appropriate. When potential visitors click on the link to your site, they are likely to bounce off if it takes longer than 7 seconds to load. So, first of all, you should remember the speed.

2. Balance your option:

It’s a very tough one. People love websites that give them a wide range of options, but the problem is that they are subject to the law of decreasing returns. It will reach a point where there will be more options leading to fewer sales.

You should reduce the number of menu items and concentrate on just one target per page to accomplish this. Therefore, you will direct visitors to the decision you want them to make.

3. Simplicity is beauty:

Users also spend more time on easy-to-navigate pages. Therefore, you can keep your website’s design very simple so that visitors can find their way without having to go through it. One way to do this is to eliminate functionalities and functions that are not directly related to the site’s purpose. 

 Most pages have been dabbling sidebars. Dubai Web Design does the same as encouraging visitors to concentrate on a single centered board. There are obstacles to the sidebars. Second, having the most important links at the top is easier. Therefore, if necessary, each link should be held at the top of the page. Not every user can scroll down to your web pages at the bottom.

4. Use of videos:

You need to add a few videos to your site for marketing purposes. Videos are more engaging, receiving more interest, being more trustworthy, and forwarding more messages than pictures and text, usually producing higher ROI. Therefore, web pages with higher videos are ranked by search engines. So you need to upload videos to your site regularly for marketing and SEO purposes.

It’s necessary to be short, though. The longer a video’s length, the less likely it will be watched to the end by viewers. And the perfect video shouldn’t last longer than 60 seconds.

5. Adopt the site structure:

Website Design Kuwait is concerned with their website’s visual appeal, but your site’s layout is also significant. For search engine bots or spiders, some systems are easier to crawl while others are hard to crawl. If your website’s layout makes it difficult for search engine bots to crawl, then you’re working on a leaking bucket with your SEO techniques.

Also, read Audience Language should show your website information.

6. Color contrast matters:

Many web pages on some sites have low text-to-background contrast, which makes reading the text on these web pages difficult. Sure, it could be the problem on a single web page. The question is, what if this is the first visit to a new visitor’s page? With the belief that other web pages are the same, he will bounce off. Therefore, all of your web pages need to test the comparison.

7. Use of chatbots:

These bots advertise products, answer questions and alert promotional offers to customers as well. They are usually linked to a huge database of answers to all the questions that potential customers may ask to empower the bots. 

Nonetheless, it is still possible for a customer to ask a question that can not be answered automatically by these bots. In that case, the bots will give a number to the potential customer and submit the question to the back-end team to update the database with the answer to the question.

In summary, if you implement them correctly, these few web design and web development approaches will greatly increase your website’s conversion rate.

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